Hello everyone; hope you all had a lovely Sunday!

BTS‘ comeback has already happened, with the new MV and album dropping a few hours ago; but since we had one for Shinee, it only seemed fair to have a party post for BTS as well.

Our writers are still trying to make sense of “Blood Sweat & Tears,” but we will have MV and album reviews up on the site soon. Please be sure to check back and let us know what you think! In the meanwhile, why not share your favourite BTS moments in the comments below? As a non-fan, I really like the group’s dance videos.

And if you are on the look out for something to read, may I suggest the latest issue of Seoulbeats’ magazine, Highlights? BTS made the cover thanks to all the content within, from a love letter to their Youth series, to a discussion of their dance skills, to their many mentions in our Mid-year Review posts, and more!

(Big Hit Entertainment)