Welcome back to SB Week in Review! You may have missed us last week, but worry not, there’s now double the news for you this week. So, without further ado, here’s your update:

Serious News

  • 20160325_seoulbeats_yubin_wonder_girlsK-indie label LoveRock Company announced the passing of founder and CEO Myoung-shin Ki on the 15th of March. LoveRock Company is home to Galaxy ExpressPavlovE-Visor and Beatniks. We at Seoulbeats extend our condolences to Ki’s family and loved ones.
  • Police have arrested a 46-year old scriptwriter on charges of fraud. The writer had scammed friends and acquaintances, including actor Jung Woo-sung, under the pretense of investing money in a private equity fund on their behalf.
  • Several announced their plans to take legal action against malicious rumors connecting this past week: Yubin (Wonder Girls), Su-bin (Dal Shabet), and Ji-won (Spica), announced their intentions after a series of online rumors and comments connected them with the ongoing sponsorship scandal. Actor Seo Kang-joon also announced that he will be taking legal action against malicious commentors. In similar news, four females were reportedly indicted this week for their involvement in sponsorship activities.
  • South Korea reported their first case of Zika virus this week.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20160325_seoulbeats_got7_flyRed Velvet are finally showing off the velvet side of their concept with their new mini, The Velvet and it’s lead single “One of These Nights.”
  • The Black Skirts — now under Tablo‘s sub-label HIGHGRND — made their long awaited return with “In My City of Seoul.” First Lee Hi‘s Seoulite and now the Black Skirts… seems like HIGHGRND is running with a theme this spring.
  • Hanhae‘s back with “I Used To.”
  • Lip Service returned with a new member, making the rap group now a trio. Unfortunately, the new member couldn’t really save them from the struggle that is “Hello.”
  • Jessi returned with the emotional “Excessive Love.”
  • T-ara‘s Hyomin took the sexy concept to a whole other level with her solo effort, “Sketch.”
  • Cube Entertainment‘s CLC released a new version of the”High Heels” MV featuring Produce 101 contestant Kwon Eun-bin.
  • Rookie girl group Matilda debuted with “Macarena,” proving that they have absolutely no idea what the macarena is.
  • After an adventurous series of teasers, GOT7 returned on March 20 with “Fly.” Did the release live up to the hype?
  • Dean came back strong first with the pre-release “Bonnie and Clyde” soon followed by the single “D (Half Moon)” featuring Gaeko.  The full album 130 Mood: TRBL was released soon after.
  • KittyB — of Unpretty Rapstar Fame — teamed up with Verbal Jint for “Doin’ Good.”
  • Eric Nam induced mass swooning with his latest, “Good for You.” (And no, it’s not a Selena Gomez cover.)
  • f(x)‘s Amber was up next for SM Station with “Borders.” How did the emotional rap track register with you?

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160325_seoulbeats_oh_my_girl_hyo_jungJessica Jung will be making her return to Korean television as an MC on KBS‘ Beauty Bible. We might also be expecting a solo debut soon, as she reportedly wrapped up filming of her MV.
  • Oh My Girl has begun teasing their comeback! Have you seen the pretty illustrations for each track of upcoming mini-album Pink Ocean? Check out the video teaser for “Liar Liar”!
  • K-dramas She Was Pretty and the classic, Coffee Prince will be remade in China.
  • Many fans’ prayers have finally been answered: Shinee will visit North America for their first fanmeet! Unfortunately, Chicago appears to be the only stop on their North American voyage.
  • Former Kara member, Jiyoung plans to debut in Japan.
  • BTOB continues to tease their upcoming album Remember That, due out on the 28th.
  • The 28th appears to be a magical date in K-pop this year as Hyosung, Oh My Girl, and Block B are also set to return on the same day. Have you been keeping up with all the teasers?
  • Girl’s Day‘s Hyeri will return to the small screen alongside Ji-sung in the SBS drama Entertainer. Dream Tea just couldn’t let her rest, could they? L.Joe (Teen Top) and Kang Min-hyuk (CN Blue) are also slated to be part of the drama’s cast.
  • In other casting/drama news: Lee Kwang-soo and Jung So-min are confirmed for The Sound of Your Heart, SM Entertainment is launching it’s own web variety series Earth Life Report, Ryu Joon-yeol will appear alongside Hwang Jung-eum in Lucky Romance, Hani and Heechul will temporarily host Weekly Idol until Jung Hyun-don‘s return, and CN Blue’s Yonghwa is set to appear in an upcoming Chinese movie with actor Nicholas Tse.
  • Speaking of CN Blue, get ready for their comeback on April 4!
  • Following Ravi‘s mix-tape, VIXX will be back with a new album on April 19th.
  • Reportedly, we can expect Taeyeon‘s (SNSD) first studio album this April, as well as her first solo concert. A Pink‘s Eunji also has plans to make her solo debut with a mini album in April.
  • We can also look forward to a BTS special album, the Most Beautiful Moment in Life: Young Forever on May 2.

Other News

  • 20150204_seoulbeats_ziontTwice‘s Tzuyu fell into a bit of controversy for the crude language on her shirt during an Inkigayo performance. JYP has since apologized for the incident.
  • Former After School member Kahi was married this week in Hawaii. Congratulations to her and her husband! On the topic of weddings, former Jewelry member Jung-ah will tie the knot with her pro golfer boyfriend this coming may.
  • Nell have left Woollim Entertainment, reportedly to start up their own independent label. Best of luck to the group!
  • On that note, SM C&C did some confusing re-arranging with Woollim Entertainment and it’s relationship to the larger label.
  • Beast‘s Hyunseung is still in hot water for his ‘attitude’ and recent schedule cancellations. This week, Cube stepped forward to deny rumors that he will leave the group.
  • Zion.T shocked everyone this week with the announcement that he is leaving Amoeba Culture following the completion of his contract. Reportedly, he’s moving over to Teddy‘s YG sub-label. Apparently fans weren’t the only ones upset by the news, as bromance and his occasional collab partner Crush took to Instagram to delete all the photos of them together. Ouch.
  • Seoul Fashion Week is in full swing. What have been some of your favorite looks? Speaking of fashion, the Style Icon Asia Awards were held on March 14th. Did your favorite fashionistas take home any awards?

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