20160220_seoulbeats_tahiti_jisoo_dreamstarHello readers, and welcome back to another edition of Week in Review. We are being spoilt silly with all these new releases — let’s find out more about them! But first:

Serious News

  • Tahiti member Ji-soo, who had been propositioned on behalf of a sponsor on Instagram, has hit a snag while taking legal action. Due to the IP address in question being outside South Korea, police have been unable to trace the message back to the sender. How — and if — the investigation will continue is yet unknown.
  • A female idol and her sponsor have been sentenced to one and 3.5 years jail time, respectively, for their treatment of the idol’s boyfriend. It is reported that the idol had filed a false sexual assault case against her boyfriend, while the sponsor had taken his phone and physically assaulted him. The idol will also be on probation for two years.

Debuts & Comebacks

  • 20160220_seoulbeats_bravegirls_eunjin_breaveentNu’est is finally back! What do you think of the MV for “Overcome”?
  • I am loving all these girl group comebacks! After Dal Shabet and Stellar, we have:
  • I also love girl groups holding their own concerts: congrats to EXID on achieving this milestone!
  • SS501 off-shoot SS301 dropped a bundle of music videos for their comeback. Check them out here: which is your favourite?
  • SM‘s Station project has unleashed a collaboration between D.O and Yoo Young-jin. Prepare yourselves for the R&B-infused goodness that is “Tell Me (What is Love) Epilogue.” Also, D.O in glasses.
  • Jo Kwon has made his solo comeback with “Crosswalk.” At least there is Suho in the MV.
  • And the Gaon Chart K-pop Awards came and went for another year, with Exo taking out album of the year for Exodus. Congratulations to all the winners!
  • Baauer pulled together G-Dragon and M.I.A for “Temple,” off his upcoming album.

Teasers & Announcements

  • 20160217_seoulbeats_ladiescode_mysteryThe Ladies’ Code is getting closer and closer: check out the MV teaser for “Galaxy” here.
  • Taemin is officially here to kill us all with his comeback. As if the sleek teasers for Press It weren’t enough, title track “Press Your Number” was produced by Bruno Mars and Stereotypes, with lyrics penned by Taemin himself. Our Taemint-in-chief Leslie is pretty much done for; how about you?
  • I, personally, am more excited about Jessica basically confirming her solo debut on the Blanc & Eclare website. Though, I’m not sure if I’m willing to buy at least $250 in B&E products for a signed copy.
  • Meanwhile, Tablo has re-announced a sequel to 2008 Epik High album, Pieces, Part 1. A Part 2 had been announced years ago, but it seems the trio is finally getting around to it.
  • Starship‘s WSJN is finally going to debut, recruiting Lee Kwang-soo and Swarovski for debut MV “Momomo.” Check out the teaser here!
  • It’s a pastel explosion in the MV teaser for B.A.P.’s “Feel So Good.”
  • Mamamoo continues teasing its first studio album, Melting.
  • 20160220_seoulbeats_poten_4ten_hyejiLaboum has successfully crowdfunded its next comeback. Did you take part?
  • Poten/4Ten is coming back with “Jack of all Trades.”
  • Se7en has slated himself for an April comeback.
  • Lee Hi will also be returning in the coming spring.
  • Jung Joon-young teases domestic sexytimes for his upcoming MV “Sympathy,” featuring Suh Young-eun.
  • Seventeen has announced its fanclub name: Carat!
  • On the heels of Produce 101Mnet will be creating two more shows:
    • A male version of Produce 101 called Boys, Be Ambitious with a planned final line-up of 24.
    • We Sing Like a Kid, which will aim to create kid-friendly music for modern children. South Korea’s answer to The Wiggles will draw upon the talents of actors Park Bo-young and Yoo Yeon-seok, composers Yoo Jae-hwan and Yoon Il-sang, and MFBTY‘s Tiger JK and Bizzy.

Other News 

  • MBLAQ member G.O has entered the military to carry out his enlistment in public service.
  • FinKL member Lee Jin has announced her wedding. Congratulations to the former idol on her marriage!
  • A MV has been created for Red Velvet‘s “Wish Tree,” by SM Winter Garden Music Video League winner Jeong Min-seo.
  • Conan O’Brien was all over South Korea in a whirlwind visit. What was your favourite part of his jaunt?

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