20151124_seoulbeats_9_muses_9Hello readers and welcome back to another Comments of the Week, where we share several of our favorite comments. Before we do that, let’s have a quick recap of articles posted this week on Seoulbeats:

In music videos, we recapped CL‘s “Hello Bitches,” B.A.P‘s “Young, Wild & Free,” Nine Muses’Sleepless Night,” and San E and Mad Clown‘s “Sour Grapes.” There was also a review of Hongki‘s debut solo album, FM302.

In a guest article, former SB Writer, Nicholas, dropped by with part one of a two part series on the state of girl groups in K-pop. Meanwhile, in variety, there was a recap of Running Man‘s 100 vs. 100 episode, and the final episodes of Unpretty Rapstar 2.

For the usual Seoulbeats Segments, there was the SB Dance Exchange focusing on f(x), we showcased user manuals on The Sunday Social, a Roundtable on what the SB Writers are thankful for, and the Best of Weekly Music Shows.

And now, on to our favorite comments:

2ne1_june5_seoulbeatsJusteen on CL’s “Hello Bitches”: A Visual Dance Explosion

This is exactly what I’ve come to expect from CL, which isn’t necessarily a good thing. By itself, the song is okay for what it is: a hype track. But her exaggerated and contrived image is what’s stopping me from actually liking it. It’s just so predictable and in turn, boring and lackluster at this point. And I knew rapping was never her strongest point despite the fact that she keeps pushing it anyway, but damn the lyrics were straight up ridiculous.

I get that this is the image that CL wants to pursue, and this is definitely the type of sound that’s popping here in the States, but I don’t think she’ll actually get anyone to take her seriously if that’s her goal. In an effort to look as cool and edgy and badass as possible, it backfired on her and made everything look very corny and even laughable at times. And her backup dancers overshadowed her, but in the worst ways possible. But if this is the type of style that CL wants, then I say go for it.

On another note though, she did look gorgeous throughout the video regardless, and she hit those moves like a boss. So there were some positives, at least.

jeremyrain98 on CL’s “Hello Bitches”: A Visual Dance Explosion

I never get the whole “baddest bitch” image that  has forcing down our throats throughout the whole career of this girl. I am not denying this girl’s talent, I am just saying that: I never saw that “it” thing from her. I don’t what “it” is, but whatever “it” she has, it’s not developed by herself, it doesn’t come from her passion and personal struggle. “It” comes from numbers of music producers, stylists, “swagger” coaches that YG has employed for this girl. Back when “Fire” came out, I was so impressed with her- thinking: “for such young girl to have such an amazing amount of swag is incredible”. But over the year, she became so dependent on YG’s team; she let them decided whatever dress she will wear, whatever song she should pick and whomever designer she should hang out, just to prove to world how “cool” she is. Well, people’ve seen enough celebrities to know what’s real and what’s inauthentic. I agree with you, if she continues trying too hard, it’ll becoming corny and laughable. That’s just my two cents, please don’t rip my head off.

20130529_seoulbeats_2NE1_CLTia_ on CL’s “Hello Bitches”: A Visual Dance Explosion

I do not like the song, MV or the lyrics. While the song itself isn’t completely awful, the hook is basic and the whole thing just comes off as generic and incredibly try-hard. I honestly couldn’t go through it once without getting second-hand embarrassment.

With releases like Dr. Pepper and Hello Bitches, it’s becoming increasingly obvious at this point that CL’s not going down the “meaningful, quality songs” route with this whole American advancement effort. With Dr. Pepper and now Hello Bitches, it’s the same shallow, obnoxious but ultimately generic and predictable mess that’s getting pretty old. And I wouldn’t have a problem with releases being try-hard, if only the songs were, you know, ultimately good or somehow creative. CL being confident is fine, but this whole self-praising “I’m a bad bitch yo” attitude is starting to come off as delusional, because at some point you have to show something a bit more substantial than your gold grills and generic releases to back up your words, otherwise it’s not confidence but just plain arrogance.

Hopefully, she’ll manage to redeem herself with her next song but at this point, I have to say I have my doubts.

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