The thing about playing K-pop around anyone is that you can get some strange reactions. Most of the time it’s a “what is this?” deal but the sweetest reaction is when you play a song and a few days later you hear the person humming the song. When I was at home, I would play K-pop in the car with my mom. Though she’s bad at names, she would find herself “singing” along to certain tunes or requesting I “play that song she likes.” Other members of my family have found themselves unintentionally singing or liking K-pop songs because of me and it’s an awesome feeling.

I put it to my fellow Seoulbeats writers to share some songs that have become their families’ unexpected favorite K-pop tunes and put them into this playlist.


Honorable mention: Rain‘s “Hip Song,” for converting my roommates in college.

So readers, what song would you add to the playlist?