Welcome back to this week’s edition of Seoulbeats Week in Review! Summer continues to kick into action with comebacks galore, teasers, and even a few dating scandals. In case you missed any news, here’s this week’s round-up:

Serious News

  • The #HelpLeeJunghee campaign continues to gain steam, and Seoul prosecutors have re-opened the case for investigation. However, netizens fear the story is being intentionally buried. Follow the campaign on Twitter and other SNS sites to learn how you can help Lee Junghee and her two sons.
  • Mega-popular variety show Infinity Challenge plans to take action against Chinese broadcasts that have imitated the popular show without permission. This news comes alongside the announcement of an official Chinese version of Infinity Challenge co-produced with MBC and Chinese network CCTV1. The official broadcast is set to begin October 27th.

Debuts and Comebacks

  • 20150702_seoulbeats_big_bang_soberBtoB kicked off the week’s releases with “It’s Okay” and the release of their first full-length album, Complete.
  • NS Yoon-G brought a little solo summer fun to the table with her new track “Honey Summer.”
  • Nine Muses returned with “Hurt Locker” on July 1st. The comeback also came with a promise that if the ladies win #1 on a music broadcast, they will perform in bikinis. That’s certainly one way to get fans in the summer spirit.
  • Big Bang kicked off Made Series [D] with “Sober” and “If You.” Allegations of plagarism soon followed, with claims that the track “Sober” is reminiscent of The Wanted‘s “Glad You Came.” What do you think?
  • Rookie group Seventeen released a special part switch version of “Adore You.” Much like everything else the group does, it’s adorable.
  • Hotshot continues to boast about being, well, hot shots. With their latest release “I’m a Hotshot” off the album of the same name.

Teasers and Announcements

  • 20150702_seoulbeats_girls_dayAilee is scheduled to release her first full length album this October. Hard to believe she’s been around for three years without releasing a full length album yet.
  • Girls’ Generation will officially return in time for the summer comeback rush with not one, but three tracks and MVs. “Party” is scheduled for release on the 7th at 8pm, while “Lion Heart” and “You Think” will follow shortly after. The teaser CF for all three tracks was released on June 30th. Not only will they be releasing new singles, the ladies will also take to the small screen for Channel Girls’ Generation, starting July 21st. What part of this comeback are you most anticipating?
  • Girl’s Day released another teaser concept photo, this time with the members in mod-style swimsuits. “Ring My Bell” is due out on the 7th.
  • APink made their official comeback date announcement alongside more individual and group teaser images. Expect “Pink Memory” out July 16th!
  • After the wave of girl group summer comebacks, it’s time for boy group announcements: Though a couple months later than anticipated, Infinite is planning to return July 13th with Reality!. Ba14 is also setting their return date somewhere in August. Beast is still hinting a summer comeback while member Dongwoon kicked off his Japanese debut this week.
  • GOT7 released their individual and group teaser pictures for “Just Right.” The comeback date, however, is still a mystery. JYP also released a teaser image of a calendar with several dates circled, leaving it up to the fans to solve the riddle. Where are EXO-L when you need them?
  • MBC revealed the first preview teaser for upcoming drama The Scholar Who Walks the Night, starring Lee Jun Ki, Lee Yubi, Lee Soo Hyuk, Shim Changmin, and Kim So Eun. The drama will begin its run on July 8th, provided there are no more on-set injuries.
  • Kisum of Unpretty Rapstar fame is set to star in an upcoming MBC Web drama alongside Ilhoon (BtoB) and Junghwa (EXID). Teen Top‘s L.Joe is also scheduled to make his Web Drama debut as the lead in Magic Lamp. Best of luck to everyone!
  • Soohyun of U-Kiss will be releasing his first solo album this August in Japan.
  • Megan Lee teased an upcoming album on her Facebook page.
  • One time SuPearls member Michelle Lee also signalled a highly anticipated comeback on Facebook.

Other News

  • 20150702_seoulbeats_Park_shin_hyePopular talk show Abnormal Summit revealed the new G6 member line-up that includes SM Rookie Yuta who will represent Japan.
  • Speaking of SM Rookies, SM is already building the fanbase for its upcoming boy group with a dance practice video of SR15B.
  • Dispatch released its latest dating scandal news; this one targeting Park Shin-hye and Lee Jong-suk. Park Shin-Hye’s reps immediately denied the accusations, and in response Dispatch released even more photos to prove their point.
  • Teen Top’s Niel was also involved in a dating scandal this week, reportedly with a non-celebrity. Though TOP Media denied the claims, all Teen Top members temporarily deleted their SNS accounts.
  • The Sulli conundrum continues after it was discovered that both Super Junior‘s Heechul and f(x)‘s Amber unfollowed Sulli on instagram.
  • Rapper Dok2 set off a string of angry Instagram posts by group The Cohort after he made some pointed remarks about “It G Ma” in an interview.
  • Spica‘s Jiwon was involved in a car accident Thursday evening after reportedly falling asleep at the wheel.


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