• http://twitter.com/untill_when_eva dash of love dust

    Although I will miss SuPearls, I can understand where this disbandment came from. YG has to worry about the other groups that have been waiting to debut before they let SuPearls debut. BUT I am dissabpointed with the planning. Didn’t YG think about how long it would take for him to debut SuPearls before signing them up? He had big plans for them and got everyone’s hopes up and then shut everything down. But really if the company was good at setting their plans in motion this wouldn’t have happened. IF they gave 2ne1 the promotion they should have gotten last year, they wouldn’t be worried about them this year. and they could have debuted the new girl group in January like they said they would after many cancelations. this will let the new girl group find their footing and have all year as rookies. he is now giving Hayi her comback so that takes care of that. he could have taeyang and GD after hayi or with hayi. and release gummy somewhere in the first half of this year. then Epik High and the solo from super star K in the second half of the year. and then he could have had the boy group and SuPearls next year. buuuuuut since things were but off and cancled everything was backed up and now no SuPearls and nothing new for se7en before he leaves.

  • happy_slip

    And this is what happens when YGE (the man himself, or their PR Team, if they have any) talks too much, takes more than what they can handle and continues to have weak as fuck organizational skills for all of their talents’ activities. There’s really a lot of shitty things happening there rn and it doesn’t help that the man doesn’t seem to know when to shut up. For real. If he didn’t come up with a shit ton of holier-than-thou press releases last year I bet Su Pearl’s “disbandment” wouldn’t be this shocking, or infuriating to a lot of people.

    That being said, I never followed Su Pearl’s, but I’ve always felt (even in the beginning), that it was some kind of a back up plan for Hayi if ever she fails as a soloist. With Michelle dropping almost halfway to their trainee days (that was before Hayi released anything) and with Hayi grabbing rookie awards herself, it was pretty clear that Su Pearl’s chances were slim to none. There was no way would Hayi “re-join” Su Pearls after all that success. And if Su Pearls continues on without her, they would probably sing something similar to Hayi’s current musical direction. Can’t have that kind of redundancy because one of them would eventually have to step back. Since this scenario is likely to happen had YGE pushed through, the disbandment is in a way, inevitable. I didn’t believe for a second that Su Pearl’s would literally be Big Mama 2.0; not because I don’t think they’re talented, but because YGE’s overall musical direction and promotional tactics are so different nowadays. That, plus the fact that it was pretty obvious his focus was on Hayi and his new girl group…so really, it’s either Su Pearls will have to wait for much longer time, or that they debut sometime this year and totally get shitty promotions. The company can’t even manage their existing acts well, what more for upcoming talents that aren’t on top of their to-do list?

    I hope YG recommends these girls to other companies, just like what he did to some of his trainees he let go in the past. It’s already a waste that they weren’t given an equal chance to get exposure because they were tied down to some sort of contract right after the show.

    • Haibara Christie

      I totally agree. I also think that YG releasing a SNSD knockoff is going to do bad things to the company. YG cannot handle large musical groups at all, and if you put them next to tight knit 2NE1 and BigBang, they’re going to look stupid. The whole concept goes completely against their image–what happened to being the so called “hipster” company? I actually hope that YG’s terrible organizational skills/PR prevent that girl group from ever debuting. SuPearls had everything YG could ever want, and then they go do this…

  • Ditu3ka

    Amen to this. No matter how hard YG´s fans try to convince us, when it comes to business YG is not different from other any other entertainment company.

    • Sophia

      So so true

    • Jazzy115

      Although it sucks what happened to them, I think its good wakeup call to delusional YG stans. YG himself boost all the time about being different, its just a marketing ploy that fans fall for.

    • edenhyper

      Because of this one thing that has happened? I’d still rate them higher than all the the other companies but I wouldn’t forget they are indeed a company.

      • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

        Rating YGE higher than every other company in Korea is a bit reaching, don’t you think?

  • shannie4888

    This article was spot on. There was so much that could have been achieved by SuPearls: Michelle is biracial, they are all so vocally talented, and they would’ve most likely been a success because of the fame they’ve already achieved on Kpop Star. I’m so disappointed in YG because he’s releasing clips of his new girl group and most of them have mediocre skills. They don’t have half the talent of SuPearls. These girls have talent and could have been a force to reckon with, yet they’re pushed out of the company to make way for people with mediocre talent.

    This just shows me that as much as YG likes to brag about how they mostly focus on music, he’s just as superficial as other Kpop companies when it comes to creating groups. Why create an SNSD knockoff when you can have something much better than that? YG really missed out on something great. To make things even worse, other Kpop companies aren’t smart to realize the mistake YG made, so they could go to snatch the girls up and sign them on their label. Instead, the other companies will keep looking for mediocre talent, if any at all, and a pretty face to sing a catchy song.

    This is why Kpop is always seen as a manufactured genre. When real talent comes along to give it some authenticity, it doesn’t work. Instead, it goes back to the status quo of manufactured is better and it just keeps on going without changing.

    • muchknowledge

      they think more about business than talent. Pretty faces bring in more $$$

  • my self

    I honesty couldn’t see SuPearls debuting as a group under YG’s flag and poor management. Did we all forget YG failed to market Big Mama and blame everyone’s else instead of taking responsibility for their lack of proper promotions?

    The main pitch of SuPearls was not just outstanding talent but of social politics Korea as a mainstream society isn’t ready to deal with yet. Remember that group Chocolate that had half white and Korean members? Where are they now and does anyone care to see or hear from them again?

    Companies like YG do what is know as the magician trick. On one hand YG paints itself as a social innovator in the world of K-pop on the other its all fake marketing publicity.

    YG in cooperates music genres that are usually black dominated and focus on the artistry of those genres than use it as a commodity. This pitch to market YG as a more understanding and a company that is socially ahead of the pack. People honestly believe YG is bringing forth a more diverse image and sound of idol stars despite the fact YG (only once) had a foreign Asian debut under the label. From Jinsuean to Big Bang the consistency of having either Korean or Korean-American base artists is the norm for this company. Compare to SM who have Chinese idols and JYP who has the same and one Thai idol, YG is not open to debuting foreigners despite what people think.

    No doubt YG has foreigners working on music production and behind the scenes but overall this is a very Korean base company in comparison to the other labels.

    So I am not surprise Michelle Lee didn’t debut under YG. This company isn’t ready to tackle more serious social issue and actually allow talent to speak louder than skin color. But this can also be said for the group overall who has talented members that didn’t quite fit the idol image. How can people put in such good faith in a company that express their in the mist of debuting a SNSD-like female group? Their main pitch is that they are natural beauties and could hold a note. >rolls eyes<

    There is a saying in business: "Now what your competitors strengths and weakness and find ways to improve it by stealing their ideas."

    YG isn't so different from other record labels but on a social and financial level are still less likely to take a risk. This is where SM and JYP is ahead of YG in the ability to take a risk and carve out a niche market for their idols and not allow social media determine their creditability. In the end YG is a stick in the mud with Big Band, 2ne1, Gummy, Psy and Epik High. People expect YG to maintain a certain image and continue the false pretense of being socially ahead.

    YG has created the best marketing pitch and can practical get away with doing anything that compromised that image.

    I sum up SuPearls as another marketing deploy for YG sense, during the time K-pop Star was finished, SM wasn't taking any trainees. Take what your competitors aren't doing and make seem like you are willing do so even if you fail through. Pretty much what YG did with Supearls at the end of day.

  • takasar1

    image is money. YG knew he would be taking more of a risk with supearls than with his own group. besides, i feel supearls was merely a backup, they were signed up back last april/may, when psy was merely a novelty act and the details for his new girls group had most likely yet to be finalized. after YG’s fortunes turned around mid-year and lee hi hit it big, the man probably thought he had no more use for the rest of them. its a shame but, its business and while i am just as sad as any other kpop fan, i am also able to see why he did it.

  • iris

    i honestly think that not having Park Jimin in the group was a huge factor for the disbandment. yes Lee Hi is a great singer, but all together as a group, their vocal ranges worked out better when Park Jimin was with them instead of putting Lee Hi into the mix. Park Jimin was in charge of hitting the high notes and the flares (i’m sure one of the three can do that as well but its still different if it was Jimin) imagine if Lee Hi and the rest of Su Pearls debuted, the two Lee’s vocal range will be redundant and the entire range of the group will goes to a different direction. I thinks its more of the artistry of their vocals not on par if it was the original 4 of Su Pearls that debuted together.

  • leesigh3

    Why would Lee Hi want to be in a group after her solo success? YG probably had to choose between the two and you can’t fault them for picking Lee Hi because she’s a proven commodity. We’ve also seen 15& struggle to be succesful with their first release, so its not like K-Pop star exposure + talented vocals = instant success.

    • http://twitter.com/untill_when_eva dash of love dust

      I think 15& needed a better song to suit the masses

  • norimix

    Ppl are acting like the group got disbanded for racial reasons.. What country in this world we call earth doesn’t have race issues? Are Koreans racist or misinformed like the rest of us about different races? Being a Asian/American I encounter racism all the time. The funny thing is that many of the ppl who are being racist don’t know that they are being racist. I accept that some ppl have a certain amount of misinformed views and stereotypes of different races based on media portrayal of different races. Asian men have tiny penises, Asians can’t drive, Asians are money hungry, All Koreans eat cats and dogs, All Koreans hate black people etc..

    Actually the notion that ALL Koreans hate black people in itself is pretty blatantly stereotypical view of Koreans ppl that I see all the time. Instead of looking into how Koreans are raised and the strong influence of Confucianism’s patrilineal descent colors the Koreans view of family, class, and race (maintaining a pure bloodline) and how Japanese occupation reinforced that notion.
    To color all Koreans as racist is in it self a stereotype..

  • KrisMyStar

    YG is expanding way too fast. They can’t even keep any of their promises to fans anymore. Just look at all those pushed comebacks/debuts. Seriously YG, get your stuff together.

  • severely

    I remember when Kpop Star ended, and people were annoyed with SM for not signing any of the artists. But really, in comparison, it was a kindness to not sign someone they had no intention of debuting than it was to keep them tied down to the company and then let them go. Companies now would likely be looking at this season’s round of successes, rather than worrying about old acts that have been out of the spotlight for too long.

    I’m not really a huge fan of Lee Hi (dead personality on stage), but when I saw SuPearls perform, they had a lot of life. I had been really excited about them, and really, there are quite a few successful solo artists, but there aren’t really many purely vocal groups with a ton of popularity. SuPearls could have helped fill that niche.

    At this point, though, it’s just like, “YG lied? Of course he did.” There are so many albums, solos, debuts, etc. that we were promised last year that didn’t come about or have been pushed back.

  • norimix

    Always ends up with SB writers whipping out the race card.. Group of 4 talented girls got disbanded before they could even debut and the only thing international fans see is “the black girl got the shaft”.. -_____-

    • Jazzy115

      When you use a term like the race card you are already showing your ignorance. Maybe because the HALF black girl has less of a chance then full koreans do. Who said that nobody cared about the other 3? Im pretty sure most people are sympathetic towards all the girls. Just because someone points out a fact about lee michelle doesn’t mean they don’t care about the others.

      • norimix

        You do know that it sucks to be a minority in most countries don’t you? Just ask the blacks and Muslims in Europe or every minority group in America..
        As a Asian/American I’ve been physically and verbally attacked for no reason by whites and blacks. I even had a white guy spit in my face while walking home from school in college while telling me to go back to my country. My parents home was vandalized by neighborhood kids who used to call my family names when they walked by our house. Is that racism or ignorance? I tend to believe that most racism stems from the ignorance of a foreign culture.

        Instead of asking why Koreans are so racist we should be asking why Korea is such a homogeneous country and exploring their history of Confucianism, patrilineal descent, classisn, and hundreds of years of invasions by foreign powers (over 30 yrs of brutal occupation by the Japanese) effected the Korean ppls view of purity of the bloodline. SB should be asking why Korea (once called the hermit kingdom) do not have a open race policy. Is it a form of a institutional racism as we had in American south or is it simply a lack of understanding of different culture?
        That’s the kind of reporting I would like to see rather than dismissing most Koreans as being racists.

        • Jazzy115

          I do, Im black. Did I imply that other countries don’t have problems woth race?

          I agree with you on the sense that the institutional racism korea should explained more than just calling something racist. However that doesn’t change the fact that it is racism. When you say someone is playing the race card you are showing that your are not taking what they have to say seriously, all while imply that they are playing a game with you that statement is ignorant. Because one its denying that there is racial problem to begin with and turning the situation into a joke. I myself don’t always agree with the way seoulbeats handles race situations like for example when they talk about cultural appropiation i would like for them to go into detail a out why something is appropiation then merely stating that it is. However that doesn’t change the problem.

          Again I understand what your saying and agree there should be more emphasize on the root of problem rather than just the problem itself, i just have little tolerance for phrases like “the race card” or “crying racism” or “get over it”, because its usually used by ignorant people to just others up because they don’t like discussions about race in general. Im not saying your like that but if you had just said what you said in this comment instead what you wrote above I would have completely understood.

          Im on my iphone too lol so excuse me if my comment is a mess.

          • norimix

            Sorry if I misread your response or misrepresented myself with the race card quote. It’s just that the first half of the article focuses on Michelle and her mixed heritage while none of us know really know what went on behind the scenes. Also, many of the comments I’ve read since the disbandment has been focused on Michelle when other girls were similarly affected. I agree that SB mishandles race and cultural issues very badly.
            Again I apologize if my lack of writing skills have been misconstrude.

          • Jazzy115

            Its okay :) I’m glad its cleared up. I do like and agree with what you had to say in your last comment though. It was spot on.

          • norimix

            One thing I will disagree with you on is your comment ” The author doesn’t flat out calls Koreans racist, she mostly implies in the article that Korean society is racist.”
            I spent quite a bit of time living in Korea and many ppl look up to the black culture. Not to say there aren’t ppl in korea who are ignorant , misinformed ,and uneducated about the world. But, unfortunately these ppl exist in every culture and race. To say that Koreans have a “racist society” is a slap in the face of every Korean who stands up for human rights and equal justice regardless of skin color.

          • Jazzy115

            Well thats just what I got from the article, I feel like she is saying there is a problem with racism in korean society, that doesn’t necessarily mean all koreans are racist but I understand. Thanks for your insight.

          • norimix

            Thanks for clearing that up

  • http://twitter.com/JenLuvsJen JenJen

    I honestly don’t know what the fuck is YG and his staff smoking right now.. but they need to put their shit together…

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100003152026637 Alex Huszagh

    This article seems to miss the point entirely: KPop is a manufactured genre and SuPearls was a financially risky investment.

    You can talk about musicality or culture appropriation as much as you want (and I would agree), but YG isn’t an inde label nor is it a musical one. It’s a polished pop machine, that benefits from appearances as much as it does from good pop production.

    • Jazzy115

      I think problem is that YG himself tries to pass his company off as more than just an idol group company whos artist are treated like family and then he goes and pulls stuff like this. And even for a pop label this was a low blow since the SuPearls where not trainees they were promised a debut.

      • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

        Did he not say for Lee Hi’s album that he focused more on the quality of the music??

        • Jazzy115

          Saying and doing are two completely different things.

          • http://twitter.com/lillian23910 Sharon

            lol, I was actually giving an example of how he contradicts himself. He says music is the most important to him, but he cuts Supearls because debuting them would be risky. He already succeeded with Lee Hi, so he cuts everyone’s contract and just keeps her.

          • Jazzy115

            Lol o okay. Understood.

          • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

            I agree.

        • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

          Saying something and actually doing something are two completely different things.

        • xNoirX

          What he’s really saying is either one of
          1) Upcoming album does not have mass appeal

          2) It plain sucks.

  • edenhyper

    I believe YG lost a good group here. Diverse and talented they were a great group. However, they couldn’t handle all that obligations they had for all their other acts. I do believe Psy’s burst of fame took away a lot of time from other YG artists (I’m sure YG was unprepared for that). I think someone mentioned that YG was unable to handle the influx and I think that is true. They have Big Bang, then GD doing his solo and Daesung doing his solo. 2NE1 needing a comeback and Lee Hi to be promoted effectively as she’s so popular right now. CL is apparently working on a solo album and YG forming that new girl group of his alongside I assume training a new boy group and Epik High. Most companies wouldn’t even bat an eyelid at that; but I don’t think YG can handle much for so long they had one or two big acts and lets be honest they just had Big Bang for a long time.

    I highly doubt the girls said they wanted out, at least they were getting trained by the some of the best in the music industry in Korea. I agree with the author on all points YG could have had a real group; manufactured but bloody talented.

  • VLF218

    I love YG but we all know he don’t handle his female artist (groups and soloists) the best. He definitely bit off more than he could chew, they could have done great things but oh well. Nothing can be done now

  • anime manga

    i honestly wasn’t surprised when supearls disbanded.
    YG is already preparing to debut a new girl group, and he seems to be more fond of his “snsd” girl group rather then supearls.
    i was pissed when he LITERALLY put the focus of his new girl group on their looks. yeah hes put up videos to showcase their talent, and everything, but face it, hes trying to draw attention by using their looks. He even said that he made the girl group members sign contracts that made sure they didn’t get plastic surgery. wtf.
    personally, i think hes trying to challenge someone, why else would he say that so specifically? Especially since he wanted to make a “snsd” girl group of his own.
    and people say yg doesn’t care about looks? sounds like crap to me.

  • http://twitter.com/smileyushi Yushi Wang

    I’m just so frustrated and mad at how they disbanded supearls. Sometimes I wonder why entertainment companies are so not smart when they have so many people in the company…like wouldn’t at least one person speak up about it?!
    Supearls was amazing, I followed them on kpop star, and i think this is why kpopstar2 this year let contestants compete in a group. if supearls competed in a group, they could’ve been huge. park ji min vs lee ha yi can be comparable, but supearls vs lee hayi, supearls would blow lee hayi out of the water. > < their harmonization is just something that one person can't achieve.

  • Chocho268

    I’m quite surprised that many people seem to think Su Pearls would have been successful if they debuted. Let’s not forget that this is kpop we are talking about. People are in kpop to get a quick fix of cutesy stuff and pretty faces, not a place where people spend time admiring vocal talent.

    YG probably realized that + Lee Hi’s great success + add to this the fact he has another girl group to debut, so he simply decided to disband them.

    • severely

      It obviously would have depended on how he marketed them. If he marketed them as competitors to SNSD, then yes, that probably wouldn’t have gone over well.

      But they were extremely well liked on the program, and international fans and Korean fans have different tastes. Take last year’s rookies. To i-fans, it was a showdown between NU’EST, EXO, and BAP for the best. For Koreans, it was unequivocally, no competition, Busker Busker. And you can hardly call Busker Busker standard kpop fare.

      Look at all the other successful kpop artists. If you think of kpop as being Big Bang and Super Junior and SNSD and Wonder Girls, then you’re missing LOADS of successful kpop artists. Artists who may not have international recognition, but are extremely well-known and well-loved in Korea. So just because SuPearls may not have gone in a direction of the electronic, dubstep music that’s popular right now, that does not mean they wouldn’t have been successful either. Korea’s music industry may not be that large, but it’s also not so small to allow for only one very particular type of pop music to be adored either.

  • http://www.facebook.com/angelina.eang.7 Angélina Eang

    I didn’t care about this group before reading tha article and I must say, out of all girls, I pity Michelle Lee the most.
    I often read that bi-racial koreans had it rough like Yoon Mi Rae aka Tasha. She wrote and sang many songs about the hardships she lived being black in South Korea and that’s why it is admirable to see her being the Queen Of K-hip hop because you know she worked her as* off to showcase her own talent.

    I really really hope that Michelle will find a company soon because even though I don’t know her well, she looks very talented and will bring a lot to KPOP.

    I would never understand how KPOP’s fans work seriously. Even though I’m one of the, sometimes I’m so ashamed by their behaviors. Look at the amount of hatred that SM received at every article. Based on some facts, some rumors … etc. I’m not defending them but how could you be so blind when it comes to YG ?
    You always say they focus on music, art .. etc. But this article is just one of the proofs that you are dead wrong.
    SM isn’t flawless but at least, even though there are some group who don’t do well, they still release some albums like TRAX. SM knows they don’t do well but still, they let them do their things and the members are thankful to them.
    YG was selfish to sign the group when their popularity is big and then, throw them away like some kind of trash when no one is going to sign them because they don’t have any popularity anymore.

    • http://twitter.com/MinaV23 mine

      “when no one is going to sign them because they don’t have any popularity anymore”

      well then wouldn’t it be better for another company to sign them for their talent and no popularity?

      • http://www.facebook.com/angelina.eang.7 Angélina Eang

        I know right but this is how it is going to work.
        Look, imagine if they signed to LOEN after KPOP star season 1 and they debut, 2 months later. Of course, they would have the talent and popularity because people are going to recognize them as the super talented girlgroup and so, it is easier to market them in the music scene.
        But right now, they still have talent but how are they going to prepare their debut when most people moved on from the season 1 ? They would just be another underrated group that’s all because they no longer have the hype surrounding them. YG wasted their chances.
        Audition TV shows allow the contestants to show their talents to viewers and they are kind of popular if the show does well but you can’t expect the viewers to remember and anticipate you after one year.

  • http://www.facebook.com/valeria.sipriano Valéria Sipriano

    “YG, SuPearls was the best idea you ever had, and frankly, you blew it.” Sait everything!

    I hope some other lucky and smarter company picks the 3 girls and release them (go to FNC, go go go, please *-*)

  • Fatricia Fatlegs (Trish Okeke)

    I’m just glad that Lee Hi got her break. Good riddance to the African girl. I’m just sad for Lee Jung Mi.

    • http://twitter.com/jms177 Justy

      Ignorance truly is bliss in your case, huh?

    • asdflkj

      You’re disgusting and nobody should take you seriously ever. You literally sicken me.

  • SNSD22

    i feel like people were mainly supporting supearls because michelle was mixed….even in this article there is NO mention of the other two members…heck i dont even know their names because no one talks about them…

    • http://twitter.com/MinaV23 mine


  • Moocow

    There was honestly no point in a SuPearls without Park Jimin because Lee Hi can’t hit high notes. Also dumping Lee Hi with them would just hold back her own career because the other 3 members would never be as popular as her. It would be unfair to her because she wasn’t even a SuPearls member in the first place so having to carry 3 others is asking too much of her. Overall it is a good thing they’re gone because if you compare their vocals to already existing artists they’re actually pretty average and they don’t really have the looks to cover for that. There are even idols who are better vocally than them. They had their 15 minutes of fame, but there was no anticipation or hype for them as an actual group. SuPearls would never have become a Big Mama purely in terms of talent. Also Lee Hi as a solo artist is already enough of an outlet for the type of music that they probably would have done.

  • http://twitter.com/MinaV23 mine

    -What’s shady is that you mention michelle but not jungmi and seungjoo you know the other members in supearls, you should have just written about michelle since its obvious you can for her and not the group.

    -About the yg snsd members, they were under yg and planned longer than the supearls girls correct me if i’m wrong.

    -Was k-pop ever a serious genre ?

    -There are talented singers out there idk why people are always complaining otherwise, they may not appear on running man or music bank but they are out there, just look.

    -Michelle released an album even before so went on kpop star if she did that before she was somewhat known now that she kinda is it might not be so hard for her and idols have been let go or left companies before and they still got signed under other compaines, so don’t be a drama queen/king.

  • AcadiasFire

    I totally agree. I was really looking forward to the debut of SuPearls. Their a very talented group of girls. Hope to see more of them in the future.

  • ShineeWorld52911

    Well that sucks for them. The girls and YG.SMH Just wait in like a couple years when these girls get scooped up from another company and make it big, YG is gonna be like, as Phil from The Hangover said “we fucked up”

  • hapacalgirl

    We can go into conspiracy theories and assumptions till the end of time but from a business sense it isn’t surprising that they were dropped. They are talented for sure, but so are other groups and there are groups that are better vocally, I mean look at BEG, Spica, etc. Additionally other groups have the looks and the voice, I mean look at recently released Ladies code. From a company perspective without Jimin, it would be hard to make SuPearls work. Michelle and Hayi have similar tones and would clash and the other two while talented were nowhere near the abilities of Hayi/Michelle/ and Jimin. Hayi turned out to be a solo star, so why waste the money on a group that will most likely fail when you have a proven solo star and groups that have been in the woodwork since before kpop star that need to be debuted. Does it suck for the girls, heck yes, but this is the entertainment industry, and this sh*t happens. I just hope that Tiger JK and Yoon Mi Rae take a chance on Michelle because she is really talented and I would love for her to give a go at a solo career.

  • goldengluvsk2

    I’m still pressed about this… like insanely MAD! I had huge expectations and they all shattered… I really wanted them to be a group and I honestly wanted to know how the audience would react to a biracial member like Michelle who contributes something to the group and not a mere gimmick. I really dont wanna think YG did this on purpose to keep them out of the market for a year to promote Lee Hi freely… that would def disappoint me…
    PS: ohh Piggy Dolls.. I effing miss them soo muchh :(( the last thing I heard about them was the song “whats is love” feat. simon D and they didnt even promote that song… where are you Piggy Dolls?! :(