20150608_seoulbeats_mers_facemasks_reuters_kimhongjiWelcome back to the latest edition of Week in Review bringing you all the news in one handy little round-up. This week, we got some new music, new fake couples, new real couples, and more; however, the MERS epidimic in South Korea is the main focus of the Korean public as it continues to worsen.

Serious News

  • Seoul is now ‘at war’ with MERS. Six people have died from the disease, with another 87 affected. Over two thousand people have now been quarantined, with authorities now using phone tracking to enforce it. Many schools and colleges have also been closed down. Face masks are now de regeur for all leaving their homes, even though MERS is not an airborne disease. The public, and other authorities like Seoul mayor Park Won-soon, have criticised the central government’s lack of transparency in handling the outbreak.

20150604_seoulbeats_BigBang2Comebacks and Debuts

  • Big Bang unleashed their second set of releases on us, with “Bang Bang Bang” and “We Like 2 Party” taking over the charts.
  • The YG group had some competition, though, with SM cash cow Exo returning with “Love Me Right” and a repackaged album. The group also had some fun with their football outfits: Chen, Chanyeol, Baekhyun and Kai played (double!)ball on their way in to Music Bank. Their hand-eye coordination skills may be questionable, but they were clearly having a lot of fun.
  • Primary dropped the MV for “Mannequin,” featuring Beenzino and Suran.
  • And in more Amoeba Culture news, Yankie released the MV for “ProMeTheUs,” featuring a buttload of rappers, including: Dok2, Juvie Train, BTSRap Monster, Top Bob and Don Mills. Check out the animated MV here.
  • Kim Hyung-joong (not that KHJ; note the extra G) released the MV for new single “Zero.” The song features Spica‘s Boa, while the MV stars Ryohei Otani.
  • Anda has also comeback with the cheeky (and leggy) “Touch.”
  • Also, you are going to find High4‘s “Baby Boy” fun or annoying. But the MV is fun!
  • Boys Republic‘s “Hello,” meanwhile, is easy on both the ears and eyes.
  • Speed is bringing Heelies back in “What U.”

20141229_seoulbeats_aoa_choa_ceciTeasers and Announcements

  • All the girl groups have announced summer comebacks! This list includes: AOA, Girl’s Day, A PinkNine Muses and Hyuna!! They join SNSD, who is expected to return in July. Who are you looking forward to?
  • AOA will also have its own variety show, with One Fine Day airing on the 13th. Will you be watching AOA travel in Hainan, China?
  • Sistar is also making a comeback, with an awesome supervillain concept.
  • Meanwhile, everyone’s favourite rookie Mamamoo is giving us a cross-dressing concept. The paparazzi have already caught Solar and Moonbyul on a ‘date;’ I wonder how the final product will turn out?
  • Rookie girl group Melody Day released the MV teaser for “#LoveMe.” Look out for it on the 9th.
  • New variety show, Secret Weapon, Her, about ‘undiscovered’ girl group members completing missions, has revealed its first four members: G-Friend‘s Yerin, Hello VenusAlice, Bestie‘s Dahye and Laboum‘s Solbin!
  • On the boys’ side, 2PM is now ready for its comeback; the group has released image teasers for new album No. 5. What do you think of them?
  • Cube group BtoB will also have a comeback later in the month with their first full length album.
  • Now-trio MBLAQ has a teaser out for upcoming mini Mirror.
  • Writer and actor Yoo Byung-jae, who you may have seen on SNL Korea, has joined YG Entertainment. The company released this cute poster to celebrate his ‘first day at work.’
  • Following Yewon and Henry’s departure from We Got MarriedMBC is hoping to improve ratings by casting the show’s youngest couple yet: hot trend BtoB maknae Sungjae and Red Velvet‘s ex-maknae Joy. I am so torn about this, because on the one hand I don’t want to watch a show about fake marriages; but on the other hand, Park Soo-young…

20140611_seoulbeats_1am_taeyang_minhyorinOther News

  • YGE and JYPE confirmed that one-time MV co-stars Taeyang and Min Hyo-rin are dating. Congrats to the couple! I don’t know how she deals with his hair, though.
  • Exo has managed to sell one million copies of their second studio album, Exodus, and its repackage, Love Me Right. Make it rain (on SM)!
  • In other SM news, Tao is continuing promotions for solo endorsements, and no one knows if he’s still in Exo or not.
  • f(x) leader Victoria was also embroiled in a is-she-suing-or-not scandal, but SM put paid to rumours by stating that not only was Vic staying with SM, she would also be getting her own studio in China.
  • It’s the end of an era: Son Dam-bi has left Pledis Entertainment.
  • Lee Hyori has gone off the grid, closing down her SNS accounts and blog.
  • Shinhwa has won a lawsuit against Jun Media and now owns the rights to its group name.
  • Oh, and Won Bin got married to Lee Na-young in a private ceremony in the countryside. No biggie, not like evyerone isn’t heartbroken or anything. The simple, outdoor wedding took place in Won’s hometown of Jeongseon, Gangwon Province, which further endeared the couple to the public.

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