Hello everyone, and Happy Sunday!

The first round of this year’s March Madness will be starting very soon, and we at Seoulbeats are psyched for it… Or, we were until we realised that we’d been so busy organising the event this year that we’d forgotten to enter our own Pick’em Contest. Face, meet palm.

As a result, we’ve decided to extend the deadline to the end of today for everyone. Below, our editors share their picks for the Elite Eight and ultimate Champion for this year. Admittedly, they are pretty adventurous, but seeing the unlikely (i.e.: A lady taking out the title) happen is half the fun!

20150208_seoulbeats_junsu Ambika

Junsu def. Ailee

Tablo def. Jay Park

Junsu def. Jaejoong

Yoon Mi-rae def. Boa

Ailee def. Nana


Junsu def. Minzy

Tablo def. Taemin

Junsu def. Jaejoong

Minzy def. Yoon Mi-rae

IU def. Lee Hyori


Hyorin def. Jaejoong

Tablo def. Taeyang

Jaejoong def. Chen

CL def. Boa

Hyorin def. Nana


TOP def. Amber

Tiger JK def. Taemin

TOP def. Chen

Amber def. Minzy

Taeyeon def. Hani


Yoon Mi-rae def. Tablo

Tablo def. Taeyang

TOP def. Jonghyun

Yoon Mi-rae def. Minzy

Ailee def. Nana


Changmin def. CL

Changmin def. L

Taemin def. Zico

Ailee def. Hyeri

CL def. Min

If you haven’t yet done so, be sure to email us your own picks by 11:59 PM EST March 1st; you can find more details here.

(Images via: C-JeS Entertainment, YG Entertainment, Starship Entertainment, Jungle Entertainmen, SM Entertainment)