20150220_seoulbeats_EXIDThe K-pop gods can occasionally be fair and just, as seen through the rapid rise of EXID

The group had been on a slow decline, failing to grab an audience, until luck shined on their side. A fancam of Hani performing their most recent song, “Up & Down,” went viral, giving the talented ladies the push they needed to break through the K-pop ceiling.

“Up & Down” returned to the charts with a vengance, and EXID did not let this opportunity pass them by. They returned to the music shows in order to promote their viral hit. This paid off when they got their first music show win since debut.

With the public eye still on them, the quintet’s company, Yedang, has announced that EXID will be making a comeback with a new song come March. Now that they have attention, this comeback will be what truly decides their fate: one-hit wonders or new superstars. Best of luck, EXID.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfXZ6ydgZyo]

What do you think, readers? Did EXID’s Hani win you over?

(Star News, Images via Yedang, YouTube)