20141227_seoulbeats_sonamoologoContrary to what was previously reported, Sonamoo will be making their debut with a track called “Deja Vu.” It’s quite an appropriate name given the nature of this latest teaser.

Unlike the last teaser, which showcased the girls looking dreamy in a vine-covered mansion in a forest, this one does a full 180-turn and presents us with a drastically different image. However, that image seems to evoke certain memories of a very familiar group.

The teaser shows the group dressed in baggy street clothes while performing a series of hard-hitting moves. The beat is a heavy percussion laden with string riffs in the background. The only vocals to be heard are at the end when the members sing, “It’s like deja vu!”

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=znGzvi5rCIs?rel=0]

Some suspicious fans have pointed out similarities of their concept to another specific group. Something about the gritty, urban setting, how they’re dressed, and how the song feels are vaguely nostalgic to the bass-heavy, hip hop style of that one group — what’s their name again? There is also the issue of their logo, which now features a cute little character that hovers over their pine tree emblem. Pointy ears, large, alien eyes, chubby cheeks… Can’t quite figure out from where this feeling of deja vu comes though.

It does indeed resembles something, but fans are most likely overreacting to these similar concepts, right? After all, when you’ve seen one K-pop group, you’ve seen them all. It’s not like anyone would ever deliberately copycat a group that just happens to be seeking nullification of their contract or anything. That would be absolutely insane!

Sonamoo will definitely make an impression if they continue in this direction, as many fans have been aching for a powerful girl group to enter the market. Hopefully, people will give them a fair shot and won’t compare them to that one group on indefinite hiatus until some legal matters are settled.

Fans also should not blame this group for whatever future may befall that one group. You know the group. That one with the deep-voiced rapper. Oh, there’s more than one? Well…dang.

Anyway, here’s hoping for a positive, controversy-free debut, just like Red Velvet!

(YouTube, Images via TS Entertainment)