2014126_seoulbeats_yoonasstreetAnother celebrity couple has been confirmed! Actress Kim Ok-bin (Voice, Thirst) and Lee Hee-joon (The Queen of Office) from the 2014 JTBC drama Yuna’s Street (aka Yoona’s Street) have gone public as a real couple.

In the drama the two also had a romantic relationship. Kim Ok-bin plays Yuna, a master pickpocket who lives in a multiplex house in a low income area. She tries to start anew after getting out of prison, but having criminal roommates makes her old life tempting. Lee Hee-joon plays Kim Chang-man, another tenant who stays optimistic despite many personal obstacles. He dreams of being a social worker and falls in love with his criminal neighbor in the process. His bright and positive attitude slowly makes Yuna see that there might be something more for her than a life of crime and deceit.

Check out the trailer below:

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UpEvmgIpDes]

The two were almost forced to come clean after an anonymous internet user uploaded a photo of them together in Prague. Their agencies then confirmed that they had been together for only a month or so. Perhaps because they are older Korean actors, Kim Ok-bin is 27 while Lee Hee-joon is 35, there hasn’t been much uproar about the relationship. Then again, with so many celebrity couples being outed lately, perhaps the public is becoming more open about celebrity dating.

Best of luck to the couple!

(YouTube, Joong-ang Daily, images via JTBC)