20141211_seoulbeats_winner_wwicseoulThe rookie of the year, Winner, has announced that they were going to hold a worldwide fan meeting tour starting from January next year. The first event will happen in Seoul Olympic Stadium on January 31.

This world tour is described by the members as “Of Inner Circle, By Inner Circle, and For Inner Circle”, and in the teaser for WWIC attached below, Winner promises that they will address all the fans’ questions, and will reveal unreleased videos since their training time. Needless to say, Winner’s fans around the world are getting very excited over the news.

For a rookie group, Winner is surely achieving many successes that even senior artists can only dream of. “Worldwide Inner Circle Conference”, or WWIC — the official name of this event — will be Winner’s trademark from now on as the band says they will organize the tour on an annual basis.

Some fans have become pretty creative with the name, and my most favorite so far is “Winner Want Ice Cream“. Isn’t that a wonderful name?

While waiting for the line-up destinations to be announced, let’s take a look at the five polished elegant men in suit walking us through their conference preparation and we hope Winner will choose to visit your hometown!

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L8EpF8WeAM8]

(YouTube, Facebook. Images via YG Entertainment)