20141110_seoulbeats_teentop_exito2Only a few weeks after their “Missing” promotions, Teen Top has dropped their repackaged album Teen Top 20’s Love Two Exito. This is a welcome surprise for fans after the success of the previous release. The buzzmaker off this album has been the title track “I’m Sorry,” for which the MV came out recently.

The members show off a more mature side in the video while pulling off their smooth choreography with finesse. With this grown-up concept, one wonders how long it will be before they reconsider their group name in favor of one that suits their young adult image.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u3ibFCehLbk?rel=0]

While Teen Top will not promote the song on the music show circuit, they will be making the rounds through a few radio appearances. This is not necessarily a bad thing considering how busy of a year they have had with a world tour and their second appearance at KCON. A repackaged album is a great way to end out the year if this is to be their last album in 2014.

The group is scheduled to begin their My Dear Angels tour, starting off in Thailand before making stops in Japan. Best of luck to them for a successful tour.

How are you feeling about the repackaged album? Did anyone enjoy the updated rendition of their classic song “No”? Share your thoughts on this comeback in the comments below.

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