20141127_seoulbeats_wassup_showtimeGirl group Wa$$up is back with their newest album Showtime. This is their second official mini album.

The energetic group created mixed reactions with their 2013 debut, which focused on their twerking choreography. Still, the group continues to draw a small following of fans who recognize they have more to offer than ass-shaking and stereotype-heavy MVs.

Months after celebrating their one-year anniversary, fans are treated to six tracks of new music. The album is a mix of Bollywood, dance hall and R&B tracks, giving listeners a buffet of their musical range. The title track is “Shut Up U,” which is your typical diss song aimed at wannabe lovers who can’t keep the interest of the ladies.

The light reggae vibe of the song gives off a laid-back feeling, as if the ladies are echoing their apathetic sentiment for the weak-willed guys who fail at flirting. The taunts of “wassup” add to that feeling and subliminally increase brand awareness by ingraining the group’s name into the chorus.

The group is currently promoting the song on the music show circuit, but there is no official MV for the song. Here is video of their comeback performance, which includes the track “Showtime” along with the title song.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vqxEL4g2KLc]

Wa$$up may have had a shaky start, but they continue to stick to their original concept of girl power in the form of dance hall beats combined with catchy choreography. While still largely unknown in K-pop, they are slowly paving their way as a group with a refreshing theme compared to the landscape of bubblegum pop that’s been trending lately.

Do you think Wa$$up deserves a second chance for their second mini album, or was their debut too much of a turn-off?

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