20141104_seoulbeats_luhanSince news of his lawsuit erupted around the world, EXO’s former member Luhan has graced us with his first official public appearance at the press conference for his movie Back to 20’s on November 2nd. The occasion marks the first time he has participated in any formal event since he filed for the nullification of his contract with SM Entertainment last month on October 10.

The movie, which serves as a Chinese adaptation of the original Korean movie Miss Granny, also transcribes Luhan’s official movie debut where he portrays the grandson of the female lead, allowing fans to witness his starting role as a fully fledged actor. Speaking at the conference in Beijing, he stated

I’m really nervous because it was my first time, but I was excited. I’m having fun because everything is new. It’s very thrilling to act. My character and I are very much alike. We are both young men who are passionate about music, who won’t look back, won’t give up and bravely go forward to realise their dream.

Also in attendance were his co-stars Yang Zishan and Ah Lei Gua, as well as director Leste Chen. The story follows a 70-year old grandmother who miraculously reverts back into her 20 year old younger self. Hilarity then ensues as both her grandson (Luhan) and a music producer fall in love with her, unaware of her true identity, and consequently fight for her affections.

20141104_seoulbeats_luhanIt seems that despite his legal woes and subsequent departure from EXO, Luhan is doing very well and has naturally started the progression into the establishment of his own career. With his level of popularity — especially within Chinese markets — and legions of loyal fans I have no doubt he will go on to have an incredibly bright future.

According to reports, Back to 20’s is scheduled for release early next year on January 15th, 2015. Who’s excited for the release? I know I am!

(Naver, Images via Instagram, CJE&M)