Actor group 5urprise are set to make their debut as idols with the release of their first album on November 18. After taking a year to focus on individual acting activities, the five members have come together to take on the musical side of their actor-idols concept. The single, entitled “From My Heart,” will be the group’s first serious musical pursuit. Fantagio, the group’s agency, also announced plans for a six country Asian tour, cementing 5urprises’ intention to transition from actors to idols.

5urprise, an idol group comprised of five actors, was formed as a reaction to the trend of idols attempting to act. Their first official activity, a “drama-toon” called After School Luck or Not, highlighted the group’s initial focus on acting. Over the past year, the members pursued individual activities, each with varying degrees of success. Lee Tae-hwan has been able to make a name for himself through roles in the dramas High School King of Savvy and Pride and Prejudice. Likewise, Seo Kang-joon has gained popularity through a role in Cunning Single Lady and his appearance on the variety show Roommate. Drawing off the popularity of these two members, the group now aims to impress with their musical activities.

Despite their designation as acting-idols, 5urprise has only released one song since their introduction last year: “Hey You Come On,” recorded for the soundtrack of After School Luck or Not.


As their singing in “Hey U Come On” clearly demonstrates, the members of 5urprise are not lacking in talent. To ensure that “From My Heart” is a catchy and memorable single, Fantagio enlisted the help of Jo Young-soo, producer of hits like T-ara’s “Day by Day.” Lyricist Kim Eana, writer of many hits, also contributed to the song. However, with only one example of their musical abilities available, it’s hard to tell whether 5urprise will actually be able to make a strong impression in the already crowded K-pop industry.

Considering the unfavorable way many fans look upon idols-turned-actors, it will definitely be interesting to watch as 5urprise attempts to pull off the opposite transition. While the group might have a slight advantage thanks to the acting activities of Lee Tae-hwan and Seo Kang-joon, standing out as a rookie group is notoriously hard. With an overseas tour already planned, Fantagio and 5urprise definitely seem hopeful that they can capture the attention of fans, both in Korea and internationally. Keep an eye on these actors to see how they handle the difficulties of proving themselves as idols!

(Osen, Facebook, YouTube, Image via Fantagio)