Ace of Angels, more commonly known as AOA, have taken out their first music show win, receiving the prize on today’s InkigayoGirl’s Day‘s “Something” and Spica‘s “You Don’t Love Me” were also in the running, but it was AOA who won with “Miniskirt.”


This win is an important success for FNC Entertainment, which has been making concerted efforts to expand its “FNC Kingdom” brand as of late. And it has also cemented dance unit AOA White‘s position as the more secure investment for its company than its band unit, AOA Black. Things could go either way for Black from here: either AOA decides to play it safe and stick to just promoting White, or they could take confidence from White’s stability and make efforts to promote Black more. The idea to debut AOA in such a configuration was puzzling, but in this sub-unit friendly environment FNC could arguably make this thing work without sacrificing either unit.

Whatever the company decides to do with its girl group, though, there is no denying that they are on the rise.

Congratulations to AOA on their first music win!

(SBS, Twitter)