Big Star is back, and this time with some help from U-KISS’s agency NH EMG. They’ve just released their newest title track “Run & Run (일단달려)” off their second EP Hang Out, produced by their label founder, Brave Brothers of Brave Entertaainment. In the MV, Big Star has some fun at a wild party, complementary horse head included. But exactly how much fun is Big Star’s “Run & Run?”


The MV starts with Baram hiding from flashing lights and sirens. He calls up his friend, who wakes up amongst the aftermaths of a party. It seems Baram has crashed a car into a building. Eeks! Then the MV proceeds to tell us Big Star’s crazy night after drinking a lot of the MFDS unapproved drink called labeled “Brave.”

20130809_seoulbeats_bigstar_120130809_seoulbeats_bigstar_2The MV was extremely colorful and random. The saturation is definitely on high in this music video. It’s offset by the clean, white set and gray alleyway set. These sets help during verse changes and don’t hinder the tone of the MV. The MV also makes good use of color in the colored powder set. However, that set didn’t really seem to fit with the rest of the music video, as the dust gives a grittier feeling. The choreography is nothing new, but it fits the song, being just as energetic and silly as the MV. It should be noted that the innuendo around 1:50 left me facepalming and laughing at the same time.

The song — the work of previous collaborators Brave Brothers and Elephant Kingdom — is simple fun. As seen through the “chika chika bom bom”  hook, the song is fast-paced and thumping. The rapping is kind of addicting, too. The lines though aren’t distributed very well. The verses mainly made up of Feel Dog, Raehwan, and Baram.

But like practically every other Brave Brothers-produced track, it sounds similar to other Brave sounds. The chorus in particular is reminiscent of Teen Top‘s music. The song’s identity isn’t wholly there, but the characteristic rapping by Big Star helps separate it from other tunes. Brave Brothers also incorporates the same boop boop sound in 4Minute’s “What’s Your Name?” and “Is it Poppin’?.”

20130809_seoulbeats_bigstar_bravebrothersThis time around Big Star looks the best they’ve ever been. No cornrows. No bowl cuts. Just cute, modern hairstyles and adorable faces. The abs are nice, too. The clothes vary from extremely colorful and random to black and white schemed street clothes. Some of the fashion is extremely questionable. Note: overalls should be steered clear from in the future.

One of my favorite things about the music video are the screen changes. Big Star will do moves that are carried into a different set, like the Dragon Ball “kamehameha” or jumping from one set into another. It’s interesting and really fun to see. I also thought the gravityless bathroom scene was a cool way to show drunkenness.

As per usual, Big Star is really energetic and their fun helps sell the song — though that energy does invoke some funny crazy eyes by the members.

It’s fun. It’s silly. I laughed. All in all: Big Star brings some good (albeit illegal) fun.

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

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