20130812_seoulbeats_sunmi_wondergirlsThings have been quiet at JYP Co. headquarters lately, but the Big 3 company is about to enter the fray with a left-of-field choice: a Sunmi solo debut.

A member of the original Wonder Girls line-up, Sunmi decided to return in South Korea and focus on her studies while the rest of the group (with new addition Lim) continued promoting in the US. Recent and frequent visits to the company, though, had fans wondering if a return to the K-pop scene was on the cards; and earlier this month JYPE confirmed that this was indeed the case.

And now the company has released teaser images for Sunmi’s debut solo single “24 Hours.” The concept appears simple, but the pink hair and pastel rainbow colours make the most of the last Northern summer days. The music video for “24 Hours” is set to drop on the 20th, with the single itself to be released on the 26th.

Who’s looking forward to Sunmi’s solo debut, and what do you think of it so far?

(JYP Co., MK News)