Here’s the latest installment of Seoulbeats’ Week in Review for those of you who might have missed something that happened this past week in K-pop because of work, school, or you know life. Moving on…

  • 20130626_seoulbeats_se7en_sangchuThe ‘Happy Ending’ Scandal’s investigation was completed and it was announced that the Celebrity Unit would be abolished, now the Ministry of Defense has revealed the punishments the celebrity soldiers that were involved will receive. Out of the 15 members of the unit, it was announced previously that 8 would be receiving some form of punishment. Of the eight: 1 soldier will receive 10 days of disciplinary confinement, 5 soldiers will receive 4 days in army jail, and two soldiers Private Lee (Sangchu) and Private Choi (Se7en) will have to spend 10 days in the army jail. It could have been worse for them as military law experts said previously they could have thrown them in army jail for up to one year according to current military disciplinary laws. Hopefully, this will be the end to the scandal and everyone will be able to move on with their work and lives. (News1)
  • Legendary Producer/Director Kim Jong-hak was found dead in his gositel on July 23rd after committing suicide. He’s credited as being one of the PDs that shaped the world of K-dramas with his hits such as Eyes of Dawn and Sandglass.  Even with a string of hit dramas under his belt money problems plagued the PD–genius blockbuster dramas don’t come cheap. His latest problems have to do with the K-drama Faith as much of the cast and crew wasn’t paid, so Kim Jong-hak was brought back from working in China to face the charges. He supposedly left a four page long suicide note blasting the prosecutor of the case. (NoCutNews)
  • 20101105_seoulbeats_supreme team2After four years together, the duo Supreme Team has broken up. E-Sens‘ contract was cancelled with Amoeba Culture, but Simon D is staying with the company.  Both will promote solo work and remain friends.  Not sure if E-Sens’ marijuana problems in the past weighed in any on the decision. (bntNews)
  • Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae (Tasha), and Bizzy have left Jungle Entertainment. Tiger JK has started a new independent label Feel Ghood Music. I’m thinking what must have happened is that the label just grew too big and became something the Tiger JK couldn’t work with anymore. (FNN)
  • Korea’s Fair Trade Commission has sanctioned SM Entertainment and the Korea Pop Culture and Arts Industry Coalition to stop interfering with JYJ’s promotional activities. SM Entertainment claims they did no wrong and might seek legal measures because of the sanction. Sure… (MBNStar)

In K-pop:

  • BEG‘s JeA helped produce rookie female soloist Lee Yu-rim‘s 1st digital single  “Call My Name” which is about falling in love with a younger man who is portrayed in the MV by LC9‘s J-hyo, new girl group Lush debuted with “Miserable,” actor Park Ki-woong released a mini album for fans called You Are My Baby the title track features Younha and Ki-woong wrote the lyrics himself,  new idol band Say Yes debuted with the release of a mini album and the MV for the title track “It Feels Good.”


  • f(x) made their long awaited return with “Rum Pum Pum Pum,” Lee Jung-hyun released her humorously horrific MV for “V” which was directed by the famous Park brothers, A Pink shared their “Secret Garden,” AOA Black‘s comeback with “Moya” was a bit disappointing–was expecting some great song that they could rock out to and instead got a cute song that may have been better played using the whole group and a dance concept, December shared their “Fire” a song they prepared for fans prior to entering the military earlier this year, rapid rapper Outsider makes his official return after ending his military duty with his 3rd album Rebirth Outsider  and the MV for its title track “Bye U” featuring MBLAQ‘s G.O., AA (Double A) released their come back “Midnight Taxi” with some controversy as member Kimchi wasn’t in the MV which their company claims is because his image didn’t fit the concept… what?,  and Koyote made a fun Tinseltown inspired come back with the disco number “Hollywood.”


  • VIXX took fans for a loop in their new teaser for their comeback with the repackaged album Jekyll and it’s title track “You’re Impressive which is played in reverse and has some kind of secret message in it–ugh this isn’t some kind of Satanic thing like in a scary movie is it?, F-VE Dolls (I guess they’re changing the spelling from 5 Dolls) teased their return with “Soulmate #1,” and the Brown Eyed Girls prepare to kick everyone’s butt with their come back at the end of the month with “Kill Bill”–the teaser looks great.


  • Thought that SME couldn’t get more ridiculous in their promotions for Exo than “Wolf,” but I was wrong. Exo’s next promotions comes with a repackaged album and the title track, “Growl.” The boys worked it with “Wolf” so I guess they’ll be able to with “Growl.” The teaser actually sounds and looks pretty good and at least there’s no actual growling, at least not yet. Promotions for “Growl” will begin on August 1st. Grrrrrrrr…


In K-drama:

  • 20130726_seoulbeats_reply1994Reply 1997 fans, the time you’ve waited for is coming! A script reading for the sequel Reply 1994 was held this week with all the main characters.  Actress Go Ara plays a Basketball crazed fan girl whose parents played by Sung Dong-il and Lee Il-hwa run a boarding house for college students. Three of the students are played by Jung Woo, Yoo Yeon-suk and Kim Sung-kyun with the soundtrack to their life revolving around the music of Seo Taiji and The Boys. The drama is set to debut in October for tvN. (KGNews)


In K-variety:

  • It was announced that Sung Yuri will replacing Han Hye-jin as an MC on the variety show Healing Camp. Han Hye-jin shot her last episode of the show on July 24th and is leaving to follow her husband, soccer star Ki Sung-yueng, to England. Sung Yuri will shoot her first episode of Healing Camp on July 31st. (NewsKorea)
  • 2NE1 will make their return to K-variety via this coming week’s episode of Running Man.  The show will reportedly invade the YG Entertainment building and will also consist of a dance off in which Big Bang‘s Taeyang will make an appearance. (StarMK)
  • Finalists from season 1 & 2 of K-pop Star gathered and collaborated for a promotional video for season 3 of the show entitled “One Dream.”

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