20130416_seoulbeats_baekjiyoung_jungsukwonThings got shaken up a bit in K-pop this week with scandals, heartbreak, injuries and more mixed in with the regular debuts, dramas and variety. In case you’ve become a bit jaded with the drama in the world of K-pop, here’s a bunch of reasons to try and keep your interest. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find just one to keep your love strong.

We’re Not Broken, Just Bent..

  • Celebrity soldiers were in the news again as reporters followed them after a concert and filmed them seemingly breaking a lot of  rules by going out late to eat dinner and drink in civilian clothes and with cell phones.  At the heart of the controversy however are Se7en and Sanhcghu who were followed to a less than reputable massage parlor.  The military is currently investigating the case and will report their findings on July 5th. Many are saying that this scandal just may be the end to Se7en and Sangchu’s careers. (ystarnews)
  • After the joyous celebration of their wedding just a few weeks ago, Baek Ji-young and Jung Suk-won suffered a terrible loss as Baek Ji-young had a miscarriage on June 27th.  She was four months pregnant at the time. (Newsen)
  • Comedians Jung Jun-ha and Jung Hyung-don are both recovering from injuries. Jung Jun-ha was injured on the set of his musical Spamalot when a prop hit him and injured his neck probably requiring surgery. Jung Hyung-don is recovering from surgery for a hernia. (Chosun)
  • Actress/Comedienne/MC Park Mi-sun was injured on the set of MBC’s Blind Test 180 during the “Flying Chair” game where contestants get launched into a pool.  She injured her ankle and has stopped all broadcast activities until she recovers.

You stole my heart:

  • Actress Han Hye-jin and soccer star Ki Sung-yong have already registered their marriage and are legally officially wed.  They did so because Ki Sung-yong needs to return to England soon after their wedding ceremony which will be on July 1st and Han Hye-jin will follow after completing her activities in Korea. She recently was a guest on Healing Camp (which she was an MC for, but will be leaving to following her husband to England) to talk about her relationship and clear up rumors that were spreading about it.  Her husband also made a surprise appearance on the show. (SSTV)


It’s in the Stars:

  • Lee Min-ho shared with fans his “Love Motion,” Issac Squab released “The Light” featuring  Soul One http://youtu.be/m86LvIRCFJw, male quartet Sweet Sorrow came back with “Just get Away,” Outsider made a return “Crying Bitterly,”Roy Kim made a come back back back with “Love Love Love,” Nameless released the MV forMask,” Verbal Jint went “Walking in the Rain” with Bumkey for his latest release, Skull & Haha released the MV for their latest “Ragga Muffin,” and Superstar K4‘s Takers revealed a pair of MVs for “Honey” and “Poison” from their debut mini album Ourself.


  • B.A.P completely changed up their pace with the mellow “Coffee Shop” with an MV shot in the US during their recent concert tour.


  • Ulala Session released their new album, Memory, in honor of their leader Lim Yoon-taekBoohwal‘s Jung Dong-ha released the song “Sad Story” for the Shark OST.
  • LEDApple‘s Han-byul covered Justin Timberlake‘s “Mirrors” for their latest Music Note segment and Lunafly covered Pink‘s “Just Give Me One Reason.”

  • Kim Joon, former T-max member and one of the F4 from Boys Over Flowers has completed his two years of military service.  He’ll be taking some time off to spend with family before resuming any activities.


Just A Little Bit’s Enough…

  • Dynamic Duo dropped their come back teaser featuring Muzie of UV with a “BAAAM,” JYJ‘s Junsu dropped a teaser for “11am” a title track of of his second full length solo album, A Pink has a “Secret Garden,” and actor and former member of TRAX , Noh Min-woo has a new band ICON who will be debuting on July 1st like a “Rock Star”


  • Teen Top‘s Niel and his hoobaes, 100%, collaborated on a cover of “You Draw” for Immortal Song 2 that proved to be a winning performance.


Nothing is as bad as it seems…

  • Finishing up these week were the K-dramas Gu family Book, Mandate of Heaven, and Jang Ok Jung, Living in Love. Gu Family Book ended with first place ratings for its time slot, but Jang Ok Jung suffered mediocre ratings and criticism from viewers for their interpretation of history. Actor Yoo Ah-in apparently went on a drunk tweeting spree bickering back and forth with commenters who were criticizing the show.

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