As the year winds down to a close and the year-end award show season starts, it’s now time for us to bring back our year-end polls to see what you, the readers, think of all aspects of K-pop for this year.

To start the week off, let’s look at this year’s debuts!

2012 was a particularly strong year for rookie debuts with quite a few standouts — in fact, so many that we’ve decided to poll for the whole of 2012 rather than just do the second half of the year corresponding to our previous Mid-year Wrap-ups — so which rookie debut do you think deserves the crowning title just a bit more than the others?

Polls will be open for exactly one week, so be sure to get your votes in!

Note: We are not including sub-units or sub-soloists under this category given that those individuals are already established as veterans in the industry.

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Thanks, and happy polling!

[UPDATE] This poll is now CLOSED. Thanks for voting!

(Images via 1st Look Magazine, Pledis Entertainment)