It’s been three years since Baek Ji Young has put out a promotional dance track, and this time around, our ears’ candy goes by the name of “Good Boy.” Sex tape scandal starlet turned beloved ballad singer, Baek Ji Young has once again risen to the spotlight to deliver us her famed music, this time with unexpected fierceness and passion. The power house that is “Good Boy” caught me completely off guard, and I was pleasantly surprised to find Baek Ji Young rocking her leather and sparkles in this modern gothic-esque music video.

The track, which by the way is crazy addicting, was produced by a talented team which included the likes of one my favorite producers, One Way’s Chance. One of Beast’s resident heartthrobs, rapper Junhyung, also lends his rapping talent into the mix to spice up the song and add a little drama to the story. All in all, “”Good Boy” shapes up to be Baek Ji Young provocative comeback as what appears to be an alter ego: the vixen.


Cinematography: 4 out of 5

“Yes, yes, yes, YES,” was exactly what I was screaming in my head as I watched the “Good Boy” for the first time. From the lights right down to the wardrobe and makeup, everything was a perfect fit for Baek Ji Young. First, I’d like to point out how all the sets in the MV were simple but still very beautiful. The intricate designs on the window panels on the glossy black tile floor in the opening scene were just gorgeous, and added a dark yet romantic type feel to the drama in the MV. Each outfit was both age-appropriate and added the right amount of attitude, especially in the choreography. And even though there was no central story going on, the face shots and close ups in the MV truly convey how something dark and sexy is going on without it being overwhelming or weird. My only gripe is that I wish the back-up dancers’ outfits were differentiated a bit more from Baek Ji Young’s and that there was a little splash of eggplant or orange or even maroon would have gone a long way in the color palate of this MV in terms of overall aesthetic (and this is coming from a girl whose favorite colors include black).

Delivery: 5 out of 5

Now it’s no secret Baek Ji Young isn’t some dancing fiend–she is known more for her ballads and melodies. But for a girl whose first trade is in the vocals department, Baek Ji Young hits her choreography hard. I also love how much spunk and edge she has painted into the persona of this MV, and it goes a long way in bringing emotion into the song. Speaking of the song, Baek Ji Young’s broad vocal range, my personal favorite being her deeper notes, animate the drama in the song and emphasize the sensuality and ferocity in the lyrics. And no complaints for Junhyung, who looks and sounds sexier than ever. I adore his voice and his charisma, so it’s always an added bonus when he gets featured for raps.

X-Factor: 4 out of 5

There was nothing particularly thought-provoking or thrilling about this MV, but it does deserve accolades for cohesion, a quality I feel is lacking in so much of the rest of K-pop. Like mentioned before, the modern gothic dressings for this MV really make it a standout–it’s a very unique look and it also suits Baek Ji Young very well. But that dark gothic feeling just doesn’t flash in the first five seconds and leave you wanting more–it’s consistent in the MV is much more subtle ways, including the Victorian-couture-ish dress, the patent leather, and, of course, those gorgeous panels. Of course, nothing is overboard either–all the stylings were done extremely tastefully. The quality of the MV really gets a boosts with all those factors working cohesively.

So, our ballad queen is back but this time with a different sound, ready to rock our playlists. Be sure to catch Baek Ji Young take to the music stages with her return to the K-pop scene with “Good Boy.”