Welcome back to Best of Weekly Music Shows! It’s the first edition in 2017 which will also cover the last part of 2016, as well. This past week was overloaded with year end festivals from SBS, KBS, and MBC – which either have been or will be covered on the site. Of the regular weekly music shows, only Inkigayo aired this week. Big Bang and Exo were declared winners, with the former winning on Inkigayo and the latter being given top honors from Music Bank, even though the show was cancelled. There were a few debuts from Top Secret, High Soul, and Bonusbaby; Bae Da-hae and Baby Boo made comebacks.

Without further ado, here are the performances that stood out to me this week.


Seventeen’s “BoomBoom,” SBS Inkigayo, January 1, 2017

Out of all the title tracks Seventeen has released, “BoomBoom” may be my least enjoyed one, musically. However, they always give it when it comes to performing, and this is no different. I really love the use of their coats as a prop; it enhances the playful quality of the song. Their choreography is so smart and fun that I can’t help be drawn in. They mix in-sync movements as a group with moments that are expressed uniquely. They show different levels in their choreography, and it never feels too mechanical because each member will still throw in their own personal interpretation. Seventeen’s performances are a treat and here’s to their continued success in 2017.

Baek Ji-young’s “Your Heart,” Dingo Music, December 30, 2016

Dingo is definitely cornering the market for less conventional performance videos. While the vertical videos don’t work as well on a desktop, it still serves it purpose. There’s a hyper focus on the performer and it is especially great to view on your mobile phone. In this case, Baek Ji-young is everything. She’s an OST star, and for this comeback, she delivers with every ounce of her body. “Your Heart” is another beautiful ballad and Baek Ji-young pours her soul into it.

No Brain’s “넌 내게 반했어” Naver On Stage, December 27, 2016

Probably one of my favorite music shows, On Stage always features a great artist that doesn’t usually participate on the broadcast weekly shows. This week, they had No Brain and what an awesome way to conclude the year. No Brain is full of exuberance. As a veteran band, they have years of experience and their performances exemplify this. While the performance was beautifully shot, it still has this undercurrent of energy from the whole band and gives you an idea of how amazing this band would be to experience live.

Bolbbalgan4’s “Galaxy,” MBC More Hope Song, December 28, 2016

Bolbbalgan4 has been one of the biggest successes of 2016 in Korea. Their album has been a stunning success on the charts, and the group has stayed true to their indie roots. The duo has an honest singer-songwriter appeal that shines through with their minimalistic productions and emphasis on tonal nuances in their music. You’ve got to respect their artistry and love that they are finding success on their own terms.


Mamamoo’s cover of Hyun Jin-young’s “You Inside My Dim Memory,” KBS Immortal Song, December 31, 2016

It was the “King of Kings special on Immortal Song, and one of my favorite live performers, Mamamoo, showed us why they are often featured on our Best of Weekly Music Shows picks. While I was not a fan of them mixing in “You’re the Best” into their cover of “You Inside My Dim Memory,” they had it all here. The vocals and harmonies were spot on and Moonbyul was on rhythm for her rap portions. It was a belt-a-thon of epic proportions and was probably my favorite performance from them this week, which includes their award show performances, too.

(YouTube [1][2][3][4][5], Image via SBS)