Welcome to a new year of OST Roundups. 2015 started off with a bang — a whole slew of dramas premiered, accompanied by a pretty decent number of standout OSTs. And honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many OST veterans releasing soundtracks in a single month. In January alone, Kim Bo-kyung, Gummy, Baek Ji-young and Ailee all did an OST featuring in various dramas. Musical drama Persevere, Gu Hae-ra also made its debut, and despite its slightly bizarre plot, it has definitely blessed us with quite a number of enjoyable ensemble tracks.


Gummy’s “Nowhere To Go”, Spy OST

Initially released last year due to popular demand, “Nowhere To Go” is a soul and rock ballad composed by Wheesung. Showing support for her labelmate, Gummy has contributed this track to the Spy OST. I like this version of Gummy’s haunting voice, which works with the powerful melody splendidly to create a harmonious emotional synergy.


Baek Ji-young’s “Because Of You”, Hyde Jekyll, Me OST

Baek’s voice is practically made for soundtracks. Her steady control over the rising and falling of her voice and her ability to rein in her voice yet belt out high notes is perfect for stirring ballads such as the above. She’s such an OST powerhouse that she even released her own OST album last year, consisting of all the drama soundtracks she has participated in so far. Although “Because Of You” is not as iconic asd “Don’t Forget” or “That Woman”, it’s still an impressive single worth your time.


Ben‘s (Bebe Mignon) “You”, Healer OST

Swoons. Ben has a lovely quality to her voice and the right melody, it feels as though she’s caressing our ears like a lover would. Partly why I’m in love with this song is because Healer is absolutely rocking my socks right now and “You” chimes in at all the right moments. The buildup to the climax is lovely and it has this interesting musing tone to it that makes it great to listen to.


Jang Jae-in‘s (ft. NaShow) “Auditory Hallucination”, Kill Me Heal Me OST

Another soundtrack that’s totally fits the tone of the drama. It starts off with this soothing piano melody, which juxtaposes fantastically when NaShow bursts into his angst-filled rap with guns ablazing. Jang’s calming yet haunting voice pushes the contrast even further, and see-saws perfectly back and forth with the raps. It’s a spot-on representation of the scenes where Shin Se-gi’s personality appears with all his pent-up rage but Oh Ri-jin is on hand to tame him.

Team Never Stop‘s “As Much As The Love Is Scattered In The World”, Persevere, Gu Hae-ra OST

Anyone else getting Glee or High School Musical vibes? I really dig the whole acapella method of arranging the songs and the diverse mesh of talented vocals on the team is an absolute delight to my ears. Even if the songs are merely so-so, it’s a refreshing take for the OST to feature so many Team Never Stop’s performances. And I say, keep them coming.

You can view some of their other performances here, here, and here.


Which were some of your favorite OSTs this month?

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