Meet the new model for Levi’s Bodywear line! For Marie Claire’s December issue, Narsha channels ultimate temptress in jean shorts and unbuttoned shirts. If I were to launch a lingerie line I would definitely hire Narsha for her sexy bodyline and glamorous style. I love her body language in these shots because it speaks of quiet sensuality instead of the in-your-face sexy that I see in most magazines.

Narsha is known as an “adult-idol” and I love her all the more for it. Here is a grown woman who embraces her age and her sexuality. Instead of trying to act half her age or use aegyo to show a “cute” image, she sets herself apart with her confidence and “naughty behavior”. This may be the western sensibilities talking but I honesty can’t stand aegyo. It’s frustrating to see beautiful grown women act like children because people find it “cute” and “youthful”.

It’s also disturbing that men find such acts desirable and encourage it. I guess in a place where women are considered second-class citizens, it’s more attractive for women to act like pliable children than strong fierce adults that Narsha embodies here.

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