20131104_seoulbeats_Miryo_NarshaFans of Brown Eyed Girls, rejoice! Another comeback is coming our way! Now, all of the girls have given us numerous solos and have featured in more than a few songs, but this will be the group’s first sub-group! Narsha and Miryo are said to be forming a sub unit labeled “M&N” and I am quite excited. Narsha and Miryo never seem to get quite as much attention as their other two bandmates. Not to say they’re ignored, but Ga-In has been featured in many songs as a visual and vocal treat, and Jea is well known for her vocals outside of the group.

Both Narsha and Miryo have had solos that did pretty well on their own and are not new to the music scene, so there is a bit of buzz with the release. Miryo is one of the few female rap powerhouses, and Narsha actually has a pretty strong voice, as well as a quirky edge that can be seen in some of her previous work.

It’s interesting that Brown Eyed Girls haven’t tapped into the sub-unit craze until recently. It could be because that, being more experienced, they like to dabble in activities solo since the group is already well known. They’re not a sub unit that needs to bring greater interest to an up and coming group like Sistar19 had to do for Sistar. This little single is also quite nice since the girls rarely perform together these days as they’re all busy with their own work.

The group as a whole did just finish their “Kill Bill” promotions, so it’s quite a treat to see the girls so soon, even if it’s just two of them, back in the game so quickly. Not much is known about the release besides the name, so the genre and concept are still up in the air. What are you hoping for? A fierce, mature routine? Something more thought provoking? Or just some end of the year fun?

(Images via Nega Network)