I’m pretty sure all of our readers have come across news of what seems to be the talk of town lately.  If you are unaware, let me get you up to speed: Basically an ex-boyfriend was sick and tired of the way he had been mistreated by his ex-girlfriend and decided to get revenge. But he didn’t go the traditional route by keying or busting the windows out her car, oh no! That would be much too simple. His perception of the perfect revenge was to call up a close friend and release a sex tape of his ex for the world to see. Everybody knows that once you’ve seen things, they can’t be unseen. With the way things work now, once it’s out there, it’s out there forever. Unfortunately, there’s no way to pull an R. Kelly out of this one. The proof has become evident that the victim is none other than former Miss Korea’s Han Sung-joo.

After the tape was released to the public Han Sung-joo’s ex-boyfriend posted,

The image you see of ‘A’ on TV is completely fabricated, she is 180 degrees different in real life. Through the relationship with ‘A’, I witnessed the narcissistic, two-faced, and the almost frighteningly obsessive person she is, who always has her pay back even it means breaking the law. She is the kind of person who believes the world revolves around herself. Don’t be fooled by her exterior. You probably can’t even imagine how utterly selfish, and manipulative and backbiting she is. To give an example, ‘A’ got angry and even urinated on my laptop once. This is just one small example out of the many.

Sadly, scandals like this have kind of become a norm, and have somewhat dulled my sensitivity to them. First off, a sad thing about this story is that the part that caught my attention the most wasn’t even the sex tape. It was the fact that she peed on a laptop. Now, I’ve peed at some pretty random places (TMI, sorry), but I think this takes the cake. I guess when nature calls, its best you answer. It’s definitely the only funny part in a rather twisted and disturbing situation.

Secondly, why wasn’t something done much sooner to try to confine this? I understand that once something is put online it spreads like wildfire, but this content, which was clearly unauthorized by Han Sung-joo, should have been deleted from the source in a timely manner. When asked why they hadn’t done so the authorities responded with, “We cannot forcibly remove a video that has been uploaded onto a personal blog. All we can do at this point is strongly recommend the user to delete the video from his or her site.” Wait. Hold up. Come again? Aren’t these the same people that delete unauthorized videos on Youtube the minute they’re uploaded? Or anti-government messages even before people have time to hit the post button? And you’re telling me that the only thing you guys could do was ask “Please?”

When it was revealed that Han Sung-joo would be taking legal action the ex once again responded with: “I want to emphasize that everything I’m saying is 100% true and that it the celebrity is in fact ‘A’. All the files and documents I have will evidence that what I’m saying is true. If it is needed, I will gladly reveal everything in court. Her suing me will not change the past. If I was only trying to defame her character to a certain extent, I wouldn’t even have started all of this. If need be, I will gladly go to court. Invasion of privacy? I’m just trying to tell my unfortunate personal story. How is that an invasion of privacy?”

Umm… maybe he doesn’t know what invasion of privacy means.

At the end of the day, I feel like the ex was dead wrong in releasing something as private as this.  Talk about bitter. I know celebrities are subjected to the public eye but this is going way too far. Everyone needs their privacy even if it’s in the most miniscule amount. It’s unfortunately what happens all too often when people date. People put up a facade in the initial stages, and it’s only after time passes that you get to know the person truly. But even if the person is wrong there are some lines you shouldn’t cross.

As more info is coming out I’m curious to see how everything will develop. I know the press is fond of attaching tags onto celebrities like “Korean Beyonce” and what not but being known as the “Korean Kim Kardasian” or “Korean Paris Hilton” isn’t something one strives for. Unfortunately for her, this most likely isn’t going to turn around in her favor.  She won’t become the new “It” girl and be famous for nothing (I cannot understand this idea for the life of me).This won’t be her big break in a good way and will only lead to infamy. Since Korea is a very conservative society, this will only reflect upon her negatively. Let’s just hope that justice gets served.

So what are your thoughts on the situation? Do you think the ex-boyfriend was wrong?