This week on Seoulbeats Chat Box, Subi and I chat about a bunch of things — we started with a discussion on the new cast of Invincible Youth and ended on blackface. Fun times, yes?

  • The new cast of Invincible Youth (1:14)
  • The role of Amber, and some gender/sexuality talk (5:07) 
  • Suzy and her relative…lack of charm (11:42)
  • Beast lovin’… (19:07)
  • …and some MBLAQ too (21:05)
  • Idols talkin’ shit (31:47)
  • Narrow-mindedness in K-pop (39:55)


Download the podcast here.

Shout-outs to Linhee for getting all the songs on our last podcast. The music selection on this week’s podcast is slightly more obscure, but not that much. Anyone who correctly gives us the playlist used this week gets a shout-out next time!

As usual, if there’s anything you’d like to hear us talk about for next time, drop a comment below.