Following on the heels of Secret and SNSD’s comebacks is the inevitable comeback of Wonder Girls.  Recently released are their comeback teaser pictures, showing the girls to have adopted a more mature, dark, and sexy look. This is nothing new or outstanding, other Kpop girl groups having done the same thing. Dark and sexy seems to be very popular this fall. In-keeping with their past retro themes, Wonder Girls have finally worked through the 60s, 70s, and 80s, and into the 90s. Now, I personally find the 90s to be lost era fashion-wise, but there are some acceptable looks from that decade, and Wonder Girls seem to be working them fine.

The velvet, one-shoulder mini dresses with the lace cutouts call back to a decade ago when velvet and cut-outs were all the rage. In typical Kpop fashion, the girls wear matchy outfits with subtle differences. However, the girls do look stunning, though I’m not sure why they chose to hold old-fashioned pistols. Wouldn’t newer pistols fit better with their look?

Yubin is wearing black patent cut-out booties and a pistol. She looks sexy and fierce, especially with her shiny and long hair. I have to say that I like Yubin’s look best of all.  Lim has a tricked-out hat to compliment her look. The hat is too much – it is covered in spikes and are those feathers I see? The tacky hat throws off the rest of her look. Maybe I’m just a stickler for neatness but I’m also not liking the messy over-the-shoulder hairdo Lim is sporting.  Sohee looks sexy but her hair does not. I’m not liking the fly-aways and volume on her crown – it almost looks like she has a mullet.

Yenny has her blonde hair pinned back and arranged in long, messy ringlets. It almost looks like she has a Snooki-esque poof.

Alright, what is with this hairstyle? I first saw something like it at the VMA Awards when Lady Gaga decided to arrive as a very creepy-looking man. Then, SNSD’s Seohyun donned this horrendous look in “The Boys” music video. Now Sunye’s stylists are giving it a try. This hairstyle should’ve stopped at Lady Gaga. It does not look good. It’s distracting and bizarre and hinders Sunye’s beautiful face and otherwise acceptable outfit.

What do you think of Wonder Girls’ comeback? Which look is your favorite?