Welcome to your weekly Sunday Social, your forum for anything and everything. For our US readers, remember to set your clocks back an hour and hopefully you’ve gained an hour of much-needed sleep.

To start things off…

  • How excited am I about Jung Il-woo‘s new drama? SUPER. EXCITED. The story hasn’t really kicked in yet, but rom-com greatness is coming my way, I know it…
  • …speaking of Greatness with a capital “G,” so is this:Seriously, can I please be their friend?

  • What J-drama is everyone watching this season? I made it through an epically long first episode of Kimutaku’s “Nankyoku Tairiku,” but haven’t really been in a rush to watch the second episode. The first episode clocked in at nearly 2 hours and I felt like I watched an entire feature film on Japan trying to get to Antarctica and by episode’s end…they hadn’t even made it there yet. *headdesk*
  • Watched the live action movie version of Paradise Kiss a couple of days. That was bad. What a bummer.

Your turn!