Since the release of Huh Gak’s new song “I Told You I Want to Die,” he has been keeping that number one spot tight even with the Wonder Girl’s comeback. With the release of the song, he also released a music video, which is a continuation of his MV of “Hello” with Kang So-ra, Lee Hyun-jin, and BEAST‘s Yong Jun-hyung.

Huk Gak’s new song may be great, but his music video isn’t at all. I though I have seen all the ‘bad’ K-pop music videos, but this one definitely goes to the number one on the list of “The Worst Music Video Ever Made.” If you watch the music video, you’ll understand. Even though I don’t think you need to watch the “Hello” MV first, it will be helpful to watch that before watching this one.

1. Story

I see that it is the continuation of the MV “Hello,” but was it necessary to even separate out this story into two music videos? Like the first one, the second one makes no sense. If you’re going to spend money to create a music video, why not use more creativity into the story? My understanding of the story is this: Some gang members caused harm to Lee Hyun-jin father. To get revenge, Jun-hyung fights the gang members but he is the one that gets beat up. Seeing how much Jun-hyung got hurt, Hyun-jin goes by himself to fight the gangs and when he is nearly about to kill the boss of the gang, he finds out that he is his girlfriend’s father. In the end, Hyun-jin and Jun-hyung both die. Uh… what an amazing story…


2. Fighting scene

I was just devastated with everyone’s acting and performance. The fighting scene, which is like what the whole MV is about, made no sense. The fight was so awkward! Even with the all the editing used to make it look ‘cool,’ it was the worst fight scene I have ever seen. Also, how come the boss of the gang doesn’t even fight back? How can the boss be that weak compare to the members who follows him around? Did Jun-hyung beat that guy with two kicks? One jump kick and one knee kick? Did Hyun-jin just leave Jun-hyung there to die? He literally didn’t even turn around to see if he was okay. I know the story is fake and it’s just a MV, but it’s so unrealistic. The song is so emotional, yet the music video is so hilarious in its own way that’s not fitting of the song.

Well, there you have it. A great song with a laughable music video, and one that is overly dramatic at that. What are your thoughts on the video?