This past week, songstress G.NA flew to New York City to participate in this dreamy little photo shoot, skipping around in a small amount of clothing (aren’t you cold?) while pedestrians were walking by unaware. G.NA certainly does look sweet and peppy as she walks down crosswalks ala Beatles-style.

Looking chic in a leopard-print top, nude fedora, black skinnies, and knee-high boots. What is that white cloud behind G.NA?  She also sports a glitzy off-the-shoulder top, nude heels, and shorts that are almost short enough to be underwear. No offense, G.NA, but you look a little like a hooker, and I think the guy in the green jacket behind you wants your services.

I’m starting to feel the need to petition for longer pants for Kpop idols. Why do Kpop girls always feel the need to emphasize their legs? The micro-mini shorts are getting old.  Showing your bra straps is tacky and I don’t care for the paisley dress.

This is my favorite picture from the photo shoot. G.NA looks very soft and pretty here, smiling over her shoulder at Mickey and Minnie. The woman creeping over G.NA’s head makes me want to laugh, though. Did she want to be photographed?

What do you think of G.NA and this photo shoot?