Although the glamour of air travel seems reminiscent to an era when women wouldn’t leave home without their gloves, and the appeal of the experience has been dampened by terrorist events, flying still holds its  “Jet Set” charm. The glamourous lifestlyes, no longer exclusive to royalty and members of high society, but to the new elite. The Celebrity. So, if the childhood game of playing dress-up has evolved into sitting in airport waiting areas dressed like a musician on tour with your earbuds nestling in your ears, then the final installment to our Airport Fashion series is dedicated to you.

The Jacket

Whether bomber or motorcyle, a leather jacket, like Brown Eyed Girls’ Jea, eminates toughness and attitude making it a crucial piece when dressing edgy. Rather than projecting arrogance, shoot for an assertive yet poised disposition The point is fierce beauty. Although genuine leather is very expensive (jackets ranging from $200-$3,000) a stylish yet affordable jacket can be found if you know how to spot one like H&M’s leather jacket ($49.50; available in stores and online) which is made of 100% polyurethane. Being an excellent subsitute to leather, polyurethane has superior tear resistance compared to other rubber plastics, and also has a high resilience to general weather conditions, oxidization, and sunlight making this fabric durable. It also allows air flow making it flexible and most importantly washable. Other faux-leather jackets made from synthetic leather like Redopin’s hooded zipper jacket ($98.00; available at are also a good option. Being that artificial leather is marketed under many different names, like “leatherette”, “faux-leather”, “naugahyde” and “pleather”, always read the labels carefully veering away from any jacket that can’t be dry cleaned. This indicates that it is PVC pleather which does not “breathe” and is much lighter than the other alternatives making you susceptible to the elements.

The Graphic T-shirt

Although a plain black tank top or T-shirt, like Jea’s, would be sufficient, consider graphic Tees with vividly imaginative concepts like Miss A’s Jia. Whether visually stimulating like Sullen’s tattoo-inspired Angels Brushes v-neck T-shirt ($26.95; available at Zumiez and or deliberately provocative like TOO MANY LOOSE STRINGS’s TMLS Girls Blow Money Fast v-neck T-shirt ($26.95; available at Zumiez and, your top should cause incitement. It should challenge the conventional, but not be maliciously offensive. Of course, what is considered audacious or downright insulting is a matter of opinion and place. A poser is just as obvious as a nail in need of hammering so, when choosing a Tee, rely on your level of confidence and consider possible reactions.

The Jeans

Now, what is a leather jacket without a pair of distressed jeans? Edgy imparts “nonconformity”; therefore opt for the worn denim. Whether completely shredded or a few tears like Juny’s distressed skinny jeans ($63.00; available at, the amount of rips depends on your personal preference. If desired, a modern 80’s punk rock feel can be achieved by pairing fishnet or tights with denim shorts like Kenzi W’s wash denim shorts ($62.00; available at A pair resembling H&M’s velvet rose printed tights ($14.95; available in stores or online) will add femininity and soften the overall tough appearance.

The Boots

Although Dr. Martens are traditional punk footwear, combat boots resembling them are common in punk street fashion. If this military inspired shoe seems too basic, look for features like belts, buckles and studs that will add more detail. Diba Everhart’s bootie ($54.95; available at DSW and, with its adjustable buckle, adds just enough without being too elaborate. If you prefer a more feminine rendition, a heeled combat boot with a short, sturdy heel like D+AF’s studded belt lace-up boot ($85.00; available at is a comfortable choice. Veer away from very high and stiletto heels unless you are intent on making that statement whilst successfully maneuver your luggage.

Edgy is about utilizing every aspect of the look in order to make a bold statement. Projecting fierce attitude through essential pieces like a leather jacket or combat boot, and allowing your T-shirt to be your personal soapbox. Challenge conventionality and display beauty through a tough exterior. After all, life is an imitation of art (or, in this case, of an artist) and style is but another medium of expression.