20150712_seoulbeats_gdragon_instagramIf you’re finding your Instagram feed boring to scroll through and end up desperately refreshing the app hoping to see something new pop up, never fear, your favourite K-pop idols are here! A huge amount of idols have Instagram accounts, but many often end up posting rather safe and typical photos, such as selcas and food snaps. Some, however, post things a little bit out of the ordinary, giving fans an insight into their quirky personalities or their creative talent.

Big Bang’s G-Dragon

The only appropriate place to start with this list is the undisputed K-pop king of Instagram, G-Dragon. Scrolling through his posts, it is clear to see why he has recently hit 5 million followers. His posts give an insight into his eclectic personality and high-rolling lifestyle, often showing off a new hairstyle, accessory or rich boy’s toy, or rubbing shoulders with celebrities from around the world. Instagram also acts as a creative outlet for him, where he posts striking new outfits or insights into the gallery he has recently opened in Seoul.

Of course, no Instagram profile is complete without selcas, which G-Dragon also takes in abundance, alternating between cute and creepy. If you’re not one of the five million already following him, you’re missing out on a bunch of great posts that span the full scope of creative, cute, creepy or confusing.

2NE1’s CL
If G-Dragon is the king of Instagram, it goes without saying that CL is the queen. CL’s posts are always glamorous and pleasing to the eye. Her fashion sense and killer makeup are always there on Instagram to act as style inspiration for when you’re having an uninspired day. Instead of an ordinary Instagram profile, CL’s looks like it is a photoshoot spread for a street style magazine, reminiscent of magazines such as Dazed and Confused. 

As well as posting glamorous photos of her ever-evolving style, CL is also increasingly sharing snippets of her creative work and collaborations with a bunch of different artists. Following CL is guaranteed to give serious style and lifestyle envy.

20150712_seoulbeats_shineeShinee’s Key

If you want something to make you smile as you scroll through your feed, you don’t need to look any further than Key. Key loves to post selcas and often accompanies these with a caption in English for his global fanbase, making him one of the most interactive idols out there.

Although selcas are typical among idols, Key makes sure to inject his with his infectious personality. He uses these candid shots to share stories with his fans and never fails to amuse, making him one of the most entertaining idols to follow.

f(x)’s Amber20150712_seoulbeats_fx_amber_ailee

Amber is well-known in the industry as being one of the most playful, loveable idols. Her Instagram is no less entertaining, as Amber knows how to laugh at herself, as well as drag others into her antics.

Amber seems to be friends with every K-pop idol, routinely posing with the likes of Ailee and Got7’s Jackson. This gives fans a glimpse into the friendship circles within the K-pop industry, as well as letting fans see candid photos of idols who do not have personal Instagram accounts.

Amber’s personality brings the goofiness in everyone, and she also makes sure to be interactive with her international fanbase.

20150712_seoulbeats_akmu_suhyunAKMU’s Su-hyun

AKMU’s Su-hyun is hands down one of the cutest and quirkiest idols out there, with her Instagram being a perfect representation of her personality. Adorable selcas and behind-the-scenes shots of her creative side make her profile one of the most entertaining out there.

Her brother Chanhyuk’s profile is also well worth a visit, with the pair often posting videos of their spontaneous instrumental jams.
Miss A’s Jia

For those seeking instant fashion inspiration as they scroll through their feed, Miss A’s Jia is a regularly reliable source of aesthetic inspiration.

All of Jia’s posts are aesthetically pleasing, fusing a mix of photoshoots and carefree snaps of her daily life. For something purely pretty to embellish your Instagram feed, Jia has to be one of the best people to follow.
Super Junior M’s Henry20150712_seoulbeats_superjunior_henry_fx_amber

If Key or Amber’s antics weren’t enough to brighten up your feed, consider Super Junior M’s Henry. Henry’s definitely not afraid to laugh at himself, recently posting videos of Exo members accidentally hitting him in the groin.

His playful friendship with Amber also comes through in his posts, making it clear that Henry’s not afraid to make anyone the butt of his jokes.

20150712_seoulbeats_bigbang_topHonourable mention: Big Bang’s T.O.P

Whether his posts irritate or amuse you, there’s something to be said for the uniqueness of T.O.P’s posts. T.O.P is notorious for going on Instagram binges, posting enough to overload your feed, often of the same thing but from different angles and with different filters.

T.O.P’s posts are either ridiculously candid, such as uncomfortably close-up selcas, or are luxuriously extravagant, such as photos of his extensive wine collection or his favourite baffling contemporary art from exclusive exhibitions.

All this makes following T.O.P on Instagram an exhausting, but ultimately entertaining experience, as T.O.P repeatedly reminds us why he’s one of the industry’s favourite oddballs.

Readers, who are your favourite idol Instagrammers?

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