Rookie Group Eye to Eye will be preforming with American Powerhouse group Boys II Men at the Boys 2 Men Unicef Harmony Concert on November 27th at Jamsil Indoor Stadium.  For those of you wondering who Eye to Eye are, they are R&B trio that were discovered by Brown Eyed Soul’s Jung Yeop and debuted last June with “Like a Man”.

I love charity work, especially when idols get involved in it.  Additionally, Eye to Eye must be incredibly talented for Boys II Men to take notice of them enough to invite them to preform at their Unicef  Harmony concert. Santa Music even spoke about this amazing opportunity,

“Last Year Boys II Men met Brown Eyed Soul and got the chance to get to know each other. Boys II Men heard Eye to Eye’s and Brown Eye Soul’s music and chose them to participate in the concert. It’s such an honor for a rookie group to sing with Boys II Men.”

Although I’m not questioning Eye to Eye’s talent, I do wonder why they were chosen instead of other strong and more popular R&B artists, such as Gummy and Big Mama to name a few.   Not that this piece of news is as impactful or buzzworthy as the other collaboration between Western artists and Korean talents, it still makes you wonder why Boys II Men, who are legends who can harmonize like no ones business, opted to go with a less popular group while performing in Korea.

Soo Hye, Na Rae, and Jin Sun of Eye to Eye must have displayed extreme talent for Boys II Men to take the stage with these ladies.  Honestly, it’s also given me a reason to even pay attention to the group as I’m sure, many others will as well.

What do you guys think about this opportunity? Do you think Eye to Eye is worthy of the opportunity or should it have gone to another artist in Korea?

(Star News)