The new year is already here in Dae Han Min Guk (Korea, if you didn’t already know that from all the World Cup songs. ^_^), and I’m making up some resolutions for 2011.

In 2011, I will …

1. Listen to more indie Korean bands. (My friends jibe me for being an ‘idol’ fan, and I can’t do that much to shut them up… except mention that I’m a fan of Outsider and Brown Eyed Soul.)


Brown Eyed Soul

2. Improve my Korean. (I have a deal with a Korean friend – when she deems me fluent in Korean, she’ll get me a root beer float. I think I’ll need to join a class if I want to be sipping that float before 2015…)

3. Meet Choi Siwon. (By hook or by crook…)

4. Work on my writing. (That way, I can pen killer kpop songs (with good English) and hugely popular kdramas.

5. Have a great time being a Seoulbeats writer. (Most important? Possibly.)

Those are my resolutions (so far!), what are yours??