20150728_seoulbeats_siwonHi, everyone! Happy Sunday and almost New Year!

Last Sunday, Pia Wurtzbach of The Philippines was crowned Miss Universe 2015, after a notable error by host Steve Harvey. Just days later, while the general public still reeled over the mistake, many K-pop fans changed their focus when they were pleasantly surprised to hear that the new Miss Universe also happened to be a K-pop fan.

Of course, any international K-pop fans in The Philippines are well-aware of the Hallyu wave’s impact and just how popular it is. Still, all fans are always welcome to learn of other fans. And, boy, is Pia Wurtzbach a big fan, evidenced in past tweets.

20151227_seoulbeats_pia wurtzbach

While I consider myself a huge K-pop fan, I’m vaguely terrified of someone, specifically someone who can hire me and thus whose judgment matters, discovering how much of a stan I am via social media and thus keep it well-guarded. Still not sure if I’m embarrassed of my dedication or just cautious of having some false notion of what it means to be a K-pop fan held against me.

What about you, readers? Are you ever embarrassed of your stanning? Or does your love for your bias conquer all, even self-consciousness?

(New York Times, Images via Reuters, Officiel Hommes and Twitter)