I’ll bet when you read the title, you said to yourself, “Who?” I said the same when I came across these artists while browsing Daum music. In a list of the top six “Best Artists” number three was Vanilla Lucy.

Intrigued, I did what any responsible Kpop fan would do – I Googled. The results were interesting. Vanilla Lucy is a group which debuted last May, and is unique because the members play their own instruments. You might be thinking, ‘Yeah, but there are several of those girl bands out there.’ However, not many of those other girl bands play instruments such as sax, cello, and violin.

I listened to some samples of their music, and I think I rather like them. Check it out.

To return to the headline, evidently Vanilla Lucy’s vocalist, Bae Da Hae, is withdrawing from the group. *sad face* This after I only just found them! I’ll be curious as to what happens next. Stay tuned!

(Daum, koreanpride2, mardi09)