After debuting last year amidst controversy concerning their age, talent, and appropriateness, GP Basic returns with “Jelly Pop.” But has anything changed?

  • They’re definitely growing, progressing, and getting better.
  • This MV probably shared a budget with Janey‘s allowance.
  • Having to burn your scalp with peroxide is no fun. Especially when you’re 14.
  • CL has been cameo appearances in a lot of MVs lately.
  • Leah is going to be really pretty when she grows up.
  • Janey’s screeching is not one of the more pleasant sounds in KPOP.
  • Watching 14  year old chest pop = awkwardville.

GP Basic is definitely maturing. Their music still doesn’t do anything for me but I can see the beginnings of some legitimate talent in this group, especially with some of the older girls. They still have a long way to go but it’s not like their hopeless.