I’m a relative kpop newbie, having become a fan about 2 years ago, so I’ve never really seen The Grace (also known as CSJH, or CSJH The Grace) in action. Now, my time has come. The Grace- Dana & Sunday, a sub-unit of The Grace, have recently released a comeback single called “One More Chance.”

The Grace, a girl group under SM Entertainment, has a good reputation among veteran kpop fans and is known for the group’s strong vocals and authentic talent. Here’s your chance to see what they’ve got:

Mv thoughts: I like the overall vibe. I’m not really keen on the half shirts, because those are really not common street wear (Trust me, in nearly one year of living in Korea, I have NEVER seen any chick walking around with that much, let alone more than half an inch, midriff showing.), but I like that the vibe isn’t ‘contrived sexy’. On the contrary, it’s about two mature, confident adult women (who don’t have everything perfectly together – so true!), which is hotter than sexy posing or pouts.

Naturally, any mv is worthless if the artists can’t bring it in a live performance, so check out their comeback stage on Music Bank last week:

I’m not completely sold on the song itself, but I can as a fellow alto, appreciate the vocal prowess of these ladies. Not only do they have some nice harmony in parts, but it is hard to crank out such solid vocals at their low register. As a listener, it’s refreshing to hear lower, richer, more mature sounding female vocals in a market saturated with higher pitched girly voices. However, as a wannabe noraebang (karaoke) star, I can’t hope to score any 100s on this song, as it is a few keys too low to sing along to. (I think you can actually adjust the key of the song at the noraebang, but I don’t have much confidence in my random-button-mashing abilities.)

So what are your thoughts and reactions? Love ’em? Hate ’em (Please, don’t hate ON them, we want things to be friendly around here!)? Rejoicing after a long wait?

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