These guys can’t catch a break can they?

Amidst rumors of the almighty influence of SM Entertainment show-blocking the boys for all of infinity, KBS actually released a statement about refusing to air the JYJ members in any capacity:

“JYJ is currently involved in an on-going lawsuit with their former management agency. KBS is trying to remain an objective standpoint on the whole situation, but it is generally understood when celebrities are involved in legal disputes, we limit their appearances because it could possibly influence the outcome of the lawsuit.”

All right legal eagles; JYJ have already submitted the paperwork to end their contract with SM which would in theory, allow them to pursue acting and singing opportunities.

However, JYJ  has signed off on another contract with additional company, so right now they are considered as under dual contracts.

KBS said screw that:

“Therefore, for these reasons, KBS has decided if JYJ continues with TV appearances, they could possibly raise further legal problems, and damage the overall growth and system of the country’s cultural industry. So until JYJ and their agency solve their legal disputes, we will not allow any of their TV appearances. Future casting and appearances will be determined according to court decisions.”

Sensible business decision, or Lee Soo-man forcing a KBS employee to type at gunpoint? Either way, legal messes are a thoroughly hellish experiences and all these guys want to do is perform and promote (and keep their money). Hope they will soon.

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Thanks to commentator chouchou for getting me to research a JYJ story for once. I’m sure the fans  read and celebrated today while I had my lunch, but humor me. After KBS released that “statement” JYJ’s people basically took KBS’s ball and threw it right back in their face:

“In the case of lawsuit  that KBS has made an issue of, the  court already ruled last year that  SM’s subordinate contract with JYJ  was invalid as the court judged that  the contract was unilateral and  unfair to JYJ.”

Essentially, the court has acknowledged the SM/JYJ contract issue, and already made a ruling preventing SM the hold the group accountable for the terms of the remaining contract.

Whew. JYJ: 1, KBS: 0

Translated by: Mission4JYJ

Source: Sports Korea