This is a dramatic, completely inaccurate representation of me preparing to make this confession.


Okay, it’s confession time again.

I recently watched Jay Park‘s MV for “Tonight.” I enjoyed it, liked the dancing, but when the words “B-Boy Rookie” flashed on the screen, I freaked (in a good way). Why? Who is B-Boy Rookie? you wonder. Well, lemme tell you about him.

*Begins best ‘story-telling voice’* This story must begin, as many stories do, at the beginning. I received my k-pop education at Seoulbeats College of K-Pop (aka, aka the site you’re on right now). At SCKP, I learned of Big Bang, SNSD, 2NE1, and so much more. (I already knew about Super Junior, they’re the ones who sparked my k-pop addiction.) Through SCKP, I was exposed to various k-pop MVs, and wanted to learn the dances (This proved to be an excellent means of earning P.E. credit for a required course.). To learn the dances, I needed good videos, and somewhere in there, I discovered Rookie and Wawa Dance Academy. *Ends ‘story-telling voice’.*

Here are a few examples of what I found:

SNSD – Oh!

Super Junior – Bonamana

BEAST – Bad Girl

SHINee – Lucifer

Pretty sweet, huh? You can pretty much find any k-pop dance you want to learn from Wawa, and I appreciate that the covers are quite accurate and make learning easier. The videos are also available mirrored, so you can simply imitate the screen.

Anyway, that’s why I freaked when I saw Rookie on “Tonight”, it was one of those “No way!! I know who that is!!” freak outs. And now you know who he is, too!

Wait, where was the confession?? you ask. Oh, that. I’ve worked on learning k-pop dances. I turned my parents’ walk-in closet into a mini ‘dance studio’ to use their wall of full-length mirrors. I put in 45-minute ‘practices’ every night for weeks. And I can now do DBSK‘s ‘Mirotic’ quite well, if I practice once or twice beforehand. Now that you know that, I figure that I am officially a k-pop junkie/addict/dork.

For dessert, we have an extra video of B-Boy Snake… because he’s cool (and I might perhaps happen to know him personally…).