The girls of 4Minute have released their first full-length album – 4Minutes Left, along with a new mv for the single, Mirror Mirror. This follows 4Minute’s recent release of the song and MV for the single, Heart to Heart. (Is it just me, or is Cube Entertainment getting more creative with their English? I mean, come on, 4Minutes Left is a pretty good play on words!)

Here’s the mv for Mirror, Mirror:

… I don’t get it… . The MV reminds me of the styling madness that was B2st’s Bad Girl… and considering that they’re both from the same company… someone didn’t get the memo that it didn’t really work the first time. I can appreciate the use of mirrors… and how it looks like a funky winter forest in some of those shots from the kajillion mirror reflections. Apart from that, however, I am unimpressed. What do you think?

(daum, YouTube)