Guess what!? It’s Spring Break y’all! Oh, and it’s also time for Music Core. But never fear, we have … pretty much the same performers as last week. Plus some good ones.

Navi- Well Done


The projectors this week are surprisingly effective. And Navi is surprisingly underrated. I think you’re going to have to show a little more leg than that to get a better spot in the line up, Navi.

Dalmation- The Man Opposed




Wait, why are Dalmation getting a special set? All they really need is that sofa.

I know some of you guys like them because they are old-school, but if those six guys showed up in my house, I would be freaked out, no lie.


Jewelry – Back it Up

Jewelry, I see that extra padding back there. Just don’t go crazy with it okay? Take Kim Kardashian as a cautionary tale – she literally is turning into one of those big prop butts from the “Baby Got Back” music video.


Song Ji Eun – Crazy


Who knew Song Ji Eun could play the piano? *raises hand* I did! Actually, not really, but idols are trained in everything these days from ballet to culinary arts so I’m not surprised. The green hair, it … works.


Insooni – Uppercut



Aw, I came in so late to the Korean music game, any time I get to see her is a treat. She’s so awesome, I don’t mind that she jacked some of Beyonce’s moves.

So far one of about three idols I would see in concert.

Kan Mi Yeon


Going from that to Paparazzi is kind of jarring.  Wow, is she skinny. Sometimes I long to see these people in person, because as petite as I am, why do I keep imagining a situation out of Gulliver’s Travels?


Kahi – Come Back You Bad Person


Now that I can finally add songs back to my iPod, I have time to waste listening to kpop um, learn Hangul. Alright Kahi I like it. I bet if you play this song backwards you get some ancient end-of-days message from the Mayans, but, it’s good.


5Dolls – It\’s You


Another song that’s gotten under my skin – I should just pitch the iPod out the window. Probably do homework or something instead. How pissed off must the guys from Co-Ed be? To be fair, I don’t remember any of them, so there you go.



Teen Top – Supa Luv Remix


It’s Teen Top, and Teen Top’s hair. I appreciate the diversity, but – oh well. I guess it gives them that much needed “edge.”  Also, it’s been what, twelve years?!?!?! Why are we still doing Matrix/Wachowski special effects?


G.NA – Black and White


I don’t get the love chants for this song. It’s perky, I guess but…it’s a’ight dawg. Plus, UM, no black and white outfits? Wardrobe still strapping those things down I see.

MBLAQ – Again


The five Rains, back together again. I prefer Cry, but it’s nice to see them perform without BEAST marking their territory all over the stage. But we’ve got Big Bang coming back so – haha yeah, no rivalry there.

HoMin (DBSK) – Maximum


Ha, all their singles so far have got that “you just try to keep us down a-holes” ultra aggressive vibe. That’s probably because of their cross promotion with Athena. Also Yunho, just go solo. Calm down Changmin-lovers, not saying he shouldn’t stay but Yunho – you might as well jump the ship dude. Also Changmin borrowed an outfit from one of Insooni’s dancers. I don’t blame him, they’re kind of hot.

Well, catch you all next week when Big Bang touches ground from their V.I.P spaceship and decimates everything in their path. See you then!