Err…I guess that is “kittehs” in LOLspeak.

KPOP’s favorite band of goofballs, 2PM, show us just how “beastly” they are.

Adorkable, right?

Surprisingly, OkCat is pretty cute, as are ChanCat and WooCat. CatKhun is a little fiesty one, while CatHo is channeling his inner Cheshire and CatSu is looking like a street cat on the prowl for a fight. These boys are so bizarre.

The photos were taken a few months ago during promotions for “I’ll Be Back”, and tweeted to the boys’ respective Twitter accounts. The  video, however, was just recently released via the official 2PM Youtube channel just yesterday, for the [Real 2pm] video series. I love that you can pretty much always count on 2PM to be goofing off–even amidst their most hectic promotions.

Also, this manager always seems to be the butt of their jokes. Glad to see some things never change.