For the sake of all that is good and holy, PLEASE let this mean that the end is finally approaching.

The SM-JYJ Lawsuit of Champions has cast a dark shadow over the K-pop world since October of 2009. Since then, the five individual members have undertaken various activities with the legal hullabaloo of the situation humming away in the background. The biggest controversy as of late regards the legality of JYJ’s individual activities outside of SM. On October 27th, 2009, SM filed an objection against the Seoul Center District Courts claiming that the courts attempts to block SM from interfering in JYJ’s individual activities was illegal.

A year and a half later, the Seoul Central District Court has rejected SM’s court injunction, and has finally ruled that JYJ’s exclusive contract with SM is invalid. JYJ is now free to carry out activities without being hindered by SM.

According to the district courts, SM’s court injunction was ruled invalid because the nature of the contract itself was unjust. “JYJ’s position as SM’s subordinate leaves JYJ in a position where they must succumb to SM’s demands simply because of their subordinate status. Therefore, JYJ would have no choice but to follow SM’s decisions just because SM was their superior. Such terms are considered unreasonable, regardless of their supposed necessity to the investment in successful domestic or  international activities. Additionally, the stipulation that JYJ must compensate SM for losses is unreasonable,” remarked a court representative.

A CJeS representative commented that this development should be considered a “victory of truth” and hope that the trio’s activities will not be further hindered by accusations of invalid dual contracts in the future. “We will try to show the best sides of JYJ in the future,” remarked CJeS, who also thanked the JYJ members and the staff for this triumphant defeat of this “Goliath.”

But according to SM, the rejection of this court injunction doesn’t mark the end. “The lawsuit between JYJ and SM is not over,” commented an SM representative. “This court ruling is only the result of a preliminary injunction, and it does not mean that the exclusive contract between JYJ and SM has not been terminated.” According to SM, the original lawsuit is still ongoing, and the final ruling will be made in March.

In happier, fluffier news, JYJ member Junsu tweeted a response to fans after the news was released:

All of the fans didn’t let go of the risky string and instead helped us endure the troubles. Even though the string cut through our skin and made us bleed, you cleaned and treated us – and that was why we were able to hold on until the end. I thank you, genuinely.

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