It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood! The birds are singing, the sun is shining, and the grass is green! *snaps out of it* Actually, it’s nighttime and mid-winter where I am; perhaps news of C.N. Blue‘s return has made me delusional.

According to their official website, C.N. Blue will be releasing a teaser on February 23, followed by a full-length album on the 28th! The boys of FNC Music (Did you know that stands for Fish aNd Cake? Yeah, it was news to me, too, when I saw it at their concert in December.), have been making waves since before their debut, and, after 2 mini-albums, I believe we fans (BOICES, evidently… Why??? Blue vOICES? It makes me think of a late pastor. (James Boice, if you were wondering.)) are more than ready for a full-length album!

While Ashley might be glued to the screen on February 24th, I’ll be glued on the 28th. Which day will you be glued on?

(C.N.Blue, Naver)