is a quirky little site, processing data from and Echnonest API to produce an interesting chart that presents the most popular songs in a list of countries for the last few hours and how that data reflects the general mood of said countries.

Not exact science to be sure, but a fun way to pass the time. On that note, the only k-pop song to make an appearance on the list? ‘Wanna” by KARA, courtesy of Lithuania. The resulting mood….uh, depressed. Which is sadly appropriate in a way considering KARA’s recent legal issues….

Some other interesting things I noted:

  • Japan and South Korea are not on the list
  • Anyone watching the news (or not living under a rock) may find it amusing that Bahrain’s favorite song is a heavy metal ditty named  ‘The Ivory Gate of Dreams pt. 3,’ by Fates Warning. Bahrain’s mood? Triumphant.

Source: lastmoodfm, BoingBoing